Jones release ugh

So the Ti-Cats release Jones and keep Durant. Who is judging talent?

Simon Cowell ?

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There was obviously more going on than we know. The info we DO have seems to be this:

  1. Signed as a FA after his release from EDM;
  2. Had a decent game going (good "chemistry" with Dane) until he got hurt/injured;
  3. For some reason, he was put on the PR instead of the IL (actual injury, or an ouchie?);
  4. We see the other National receivers imitating The Invisible Man instead of catching footballs; and
  5. He's released with absolutely no info provided, no reporter mentioning it, etc.

In about 2.5 quarters of football, he played better than (it seems) all National receivers combined. He ran good routes, he actually knows the scramble drill (one way he amassed his yardage in 2019), and was a viable target. I am ONLY speculating here, but there are a few reasons I can see for his release:

  1. It was an "ouchie" and not an injury, and he dug his own grave;
  2. The brain-trust was embarrassed by how much he out-performed THEIR players;
  3. He said or did something entirely foolish;
  4. He asked for his release.

There is also the fact that today, teh transactions page says this:
2022-09-07 HAM JONES, Mike WR N Southern Remove Unsigned Free Agent

Does this possibly mean that there were contract negotiations going on?

That means he was released -- removed from the Practice Roster, without being signed.
My guess on why is based on a quick look at the 2019 CFL/CFLPA CBA because I can't find the new one online, today, although I believe I have before.
That guess is, with Jones having played 7 games, this year, for EDM and 1 for HAM, he'd be owed the remainder of a full season's pay, if he was signed to a regular contract now, and even if he played just 1 more game.
So, I'm suggesting his release was a business decision, not a player evaluation one. Later, with just a game, or two, remaining, if the TiCats are still in the hunt for a playoff spot, and do have interest in him, they might bring him back then. Or, perhaps, in the off-season to compete for a NAT roster spot at training camp.


I must jump in with this, I had to double check the number to make sure it was correct but Durant was identified on a play and was providing some excellent blocking downfield. Actually to the point of me checking to see who that was.

Check mark 1 for Durant from my viewing.