Jones Out Coached Vol.2

Laidback leadership style, loved by anti Austin types and beat reporters, yields zero sense of urgency for a home game that was supposed to quiet doubt.

Two weeks to prepare no answers. Dumb gambles. Still can't simplify 3Rd and short.

This isn't a bug. It's a feature.

But he's great with the media, right?

Bye week to prepare. That was terrible. But hey...the kids tried hard.

I feel that participation trophies count. If you don't have self-esteem,. you hate your body. I hate body shaming.

Offence - Stink

Defence - Stank

Specials - Stunk

Jones beat Jones, So did Chris Jones beat June Jones or did June Jones beat June Jones?? :o ???

There were some playcalls that were just absolute buffoonery.

Definitely outcoached

Defence wasn't horrible, except they were on the field all game.

June Jones was BADLY out-coached tonight though. Decision making process was flawed.

Defence was horrible!

There were some VERY strange calls in this game: pooch kick, running outside with inches to go, not giving up points when on the 4 etc. Real head scratcher.

I have noticed a trend that the Cats are pretty good in the first half and then stink in the second.

Some holes in the ship.
Rookie OLineman playing like a rookie
Where is Timmis? You remember the guy who was a beast early in the season.
We need a kick returner that has a clue. Looked great on the TD, looked like he had never returned a kick every other time he touched the ball. B-R-U-T-A-L
Offense really missed Tasker
coach had a bad night at the office.

Give credit to Sask, they played well

I don't think Chris Jones gets enough credit- he is an "outside the box" kind of coach.(also a grey cup winning coach)
Very savy.

Riders win second half 24-3, and Thigpen, 80 yard avg. per carry...Cats just couldn't keep up with the Jonses, 'nuff said. :-[

So you're saying you were happier after game 5 last year?

Dean looked terrible in the middle. He was guessing and guessing wrong all night long . White is not the answer at running back. We certainly missed Tasker. The defence had better come up with a solution to the hitch passes or this is really going to be a long season.
Perhaps signing our #1 draft pick may become a priority.

Pat Lynch (the old guy hoping for a Grey Cup before I take the dirt nap)

Failure to make half time adjustments. Also falls in the coach's lap.

This thread makes pretty much all good points.
When you have coaches no matter how much experience they have in football with zero CFL experience it is frustrating - we have to sit through their learning curve.

Good call Grover. That sums up the game perfectly.

The Cats looked pretty good against Esks and Bombers. Let's hope the poor showing in both Rider games was just a result of Chris Jones figuring out how to stifle the Cats offence. The Cats need to regroup, learn from these losses and get back to what they were doing in games 2 and 3.

Now that Austin has had a breather, can he pull a Wally Bueno and take over as head coach again?

No chance. Austin is out of the picture.

I don't think it's an unrealistic possibility. I'd like to see him back. The entire organization had direction with KA in charge.

The next head coach will be Steinauer. Unless things turn so far south that the Tillman Collective gets canned, and the new guy wants to bring in his own coach.