Jones has already mishandled Manziel....?

Here's a pretty good unbiased read from a guy in Winnipeg that knows a bit about the game on The situation....Enjoy

Another interesting take from outside Hamilton....

And people are still talking Cats, Manziel, Jones and his statement.
Mission accomplished. you would have to pay a lot of money to get this much free publicity!

Why do you think it is called “The Winnipeg FREE Press”?
No -seriously - don’t think Jones is that stupid. All he is doing is playing up Manziel.
If some other Team picks him up, and sends Draft choices our way - we win. If no one bites - hey, at least we tried.

Bottom Line - there is no way we are signing Manziel - at least no one in the Ticat org with brains, I mean…
The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

LOL !!! You sound like you might be related to the late great one and only Harold Ballard . One of his favourite quotes was " there is no such thing as bad publicity or good publicity , there is only publicity , it doesn'tmatter one way or the other as long as people are talking about it ."

Ticat fans are the best.

And from the any publicity is good publicity....

Doug Brown is an idiot.

Ask LaVar Ball if he is interested in any publicity?

Imagine the media Circus @ camp in June !$ now that would be say a million dollars worth of free publicity a full parking lot full of media trucks from all over the USA ??ESPN, FOX, Sports Illustrated,ABC , NBC , CBS etc etc and TMZ!!!! Now that’s priceless and say by the love of god he makes a comeback add late night and Saturday night live to the MIX hell the CFL also gains on all this ! Bigtime

Brown talks like Jones had never heard of the CFL until 2017, but Jones made the Argo roster as a QB in 1982, and was on the Ottawa Rough Rider coaching staff in 1986.

Brown hates the Hammer. It goes back to his cold shower complaints at IWS. I don't expect him to say anything positive about the team or the city.

I thought the same and had a laugh when I saw OP write "unbiased"

remember, this came from Winnipeg, from a less than humble egomaniacal dork who would make sarcastic remarks about anything Hamilton, so why even give it the time of day?

He is pretty much an equal opportunity basher and look at how his career in the media

I feel sorry for players who've had long careers with no rings. But not every one.

Since many care what the Americans think and would like the U.S publicity...How about the people in Cleveland, they lived the dream with Manziel...I was going to quote this article but its way too long in comparing Cleveland drafting Baker Mayfield to how Manziel failed in Cleveland.

There is some good Manziel insight from down south in this article...I'm pretty sure this is unbiased against Hamilton.

The Scouting Notes in the last 4 paragraphs is particularly interesting about style, strengths, mechanics, footwork etc.

(yes, I've had some time on my hands to do some reading on Johnny.)

This is my favourite line from the article:

Manziel was arrested and taken to jail for fighting in 2012. He was cited for disorderly conduct, failure to identify and possession of a fake idea.
Don't mess with the thought police, Johnny - keep those ideas real! (Oh, and also watch out for the drugs, alcohol, partying before games, and partner abuse.)

We win the Grey Chat Cup! Publicity we dont need, wins and Grey Cups is what itz about.