Jones goes out being classsless !

End of the season and Jones still has to be a jerk and not shake Huff's hand . The loss looks great on him :smiley:

Yes, you can see after the game Huff was looking to shake the hands of some of the other coaches I would think to include Jones.
Classless of Jones regardless what happened between the two.
I know he also runs off the field after all the games, but still?

Are you kidding me??? What a total douche! Wasn’t Jones the one who was a dick about leaving the Stamps back then anyways? Didn’t he just up and walk out on them or something?

This is how it’s done Jones

Chris Jones, meet Milan Lucic.

Oh give it a rest. I'm sure he talked to Huff after the game . I do think their friends anyways, besides with how red Huffs nose was after the game I'm sure Jones didn't want to catch what he had.

Maybe Hiff enjoys wobbly pops.. There is alot of reasons including medical conditions for having a red face..
As for Jones, I really dont understand how someone can live in a foreign country and make absolutely no attempt to assimilate. I hope his time in Canada comes to a quick end..

Why should we give it a rest?
Jones has consistently shown disrespect to established good sportsman practices all season.

Sounds like you're giving a homer discount. :thdn:

It's not fair to assume Jones has no class.

It could just be that he is a total A-hole.

Maybe Jones has a social personality disorder of some sort and needs some help. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. :wink:

With his team about to be awarded the West Division Championship trophy, seeing Huf walking around the field like a lost child was kind of sad.

There is no excuse for that kind of poor sportsmanship. Maybe he could get away with it as a DC, but as a head coach he can't be like that. Stop being a sore loser, Jones, and shake the man's hand. It takes a whole three seconds.

Wouldn't doubt it.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that Jones has not shaken hands with opposing coaches most of this season. IIRC he didn't with O'Shea. Still I think it's poor sportsmanship. A handshake is pretty standard between opponents and to not even shake on a stage like a conference championship game is pretty pathetic. It's a good thing he's a good coach because that kind of behaviour is a good way to make yourself a pariah.

Absolutely I am you'd be doing the same thing , So maybe he doesn't like to lose and was pissed . His choice just like it is your for criticizing it.

I said red nose, I meant that he may have had a bad cold . And you only wish your team had him as your coach.

He said at the start of the season that he doesn't believe in shaking hands, get over it. There are way more important things to talk about than old news. People are making this a way bigger thing than it is. Get a life!

...I think the position of Head Coach carries with it a certain level of PR requirements and one of those things, unless there has been some sort of purposefully heinous abuse in the rules of the preceding game by your opponent, is to shake the hands of your peer after a win/ me old fashioned, but that what I learned being a coach for the various teams I had the privilege to help...

....I get that Chris Jones has said he doesn't subscribe to that line of thinking, it's his right to think that way, but it does leave him open to a high degree of criticism for unsportsmanlike behavior...

...I also disagree that telling someone to 'get a life' for god-forbid having an opinion different than that of Chris Jones a great argument

Oh well the guy doesn't shake hands, go ahead criticize him, then move on but just keep in mind your team is not perfect either I'm sure if we look back we can pick apart every team with something. Doesn't make the team any better or worse then the 7 other teams in this league.

...what does this have to do about the 'team'? one said anything disparaging about the Eskimo organization, just the delta bravo that is it's head an article in the Edm. Journal this morning and the players interviewed were all pretty much very positive in their comments, about their opponent and how far they've come as a team...that is cool...maybe their coach can learn a lesson from his team...

I'm less concerned about his policy during the regular season. Shake, don't shake, whatever. But I think in the playoffs it's a different story and requires a certain level of sportsmanship and professionalism once the game is over. Anyways, it's his perogative if the organization is fine with the way the face of their franchise portrays them on the field then who am I to judge.