Jonathon Mincy DB.

When are the Argos gona insert for CFL all Star DB Mincy into the lineup?

I would think he should play the rest of the season starting this week. He knows the CFL game and he should be still better than any of the Imports they’re playing now.

Saskatchewan didn’t throw very often to Mincy’s side apparently remembering him from his days with Montreal. Hopefully the Argos can sign him to a long term contract which would give them one good cornerback going into next year.

Yup. I wuld say Mincy would be a TOP priority for the Argos. Chamblain has been a Defensive coach for quite some time in the CFL. When u get a lock down CB in CFL. You hang onto him.

Next year a starting defensive back field of Mincy and Richardson on the corners. Woodson at one DB, Darby at the other and Awe at safety.
Gabriel, Boateng, Washington and Burrell for depth. Of course there could be a TC surprise of somebody better or somebody is lost to FA.

The fact that the Argos season has been over for quite awhile. Coach Chamb still went out to his specialty and signed 3 top CBsDBs.
Especially Mincy & Woodson former CFL Starters and NFL camp cuts end of Aug.
I gota beleive that Chamb will be back as HC and DC.
The offence staff and especially the GM that pushed so hard for Franklin to be the starter was a DISASTER.
Especially with the top
rec they brought in.
Franklin was the only one of 4 QBs that couldnt get them the ball.

I still like the idea of a projected starting defensive backfield from the one mentioned above. But Mincy, Woodson and Awe haven’t been signed yet however. So we will see how it plays out. Murphy has signed about 7 new American and 2 new Canadian DB’s. A lot of size in the new players so maybe some are being looked at as Sam linebackers.
Unsigned American DB’s from last year Ford and Kanneh would seem to qualify as Nationals if needed under the new rules, so they may well be kept around.