Jonathan St. Pierre

The riders have added a new Center/Guard today in Jonathan St. Pierre. He's a non-import, born in Longeueuil Quebec. Not much information about him. Found a scouting report that ranked him 22nd overall in centers ei the NFL draft. He is a pass blocker and rush blocker, his final year hsi teams offence was ranked 8th in the nation including 1st in passing. He played for Miami after declining North Carolina State, Michigan State, Central Fliroda, and Akron. His final two years of high school he played for Team Canada also. He is 6'-3" and 305 lbs. Should be some good help on the O-line

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A source confirmed that the Saskatchewan Roughriders are to announce the signing of non-import centre Jonathan St-Pierre later today.

The Riders drafted St-Pierre in the second round (10th overall) in the 2008 CFL draft. St-Pierre had drawn interest from NFL teams after his senior season with the Illinois State Cardinals but has decided to forgo the NFL draft to take his chances with the Riders. It was unlikely that St-Pierre would have been drafted and he elected to take a sure thing with the Riders than being an undrafted free agent trying to catch on with an NFL team.
The source said St-Pierre has signed the "the highest Canadian rookie contract in the last 10 years if not ever in the CFL.'' I don't know the financial details but the contract is for three years and an option, which is impressive in its own right.

St-Pierre has also been told that he will have an opportunity to compete for the starting position with veteran Jeremy O'Day.

Details to follow.

3+1 ... that's a statement in itself

He will make us forget about Fred Perry real soon. Some folks forget that the draft pick the riders got for Fred Perry was the pick in which they choose Jonathan St. Pierre.

It is rumoured that he signed for the highest non-import rookie salary package in the history of the CFL.

Some of us may eventually be very glad that there was some money left over after letting McKenzie, Lloyd and January leave via free agency. I know I am now.

The guy hasn’t played a down of football for us yet, but I have already got a guy working on the statue…

Gee, we signed a draft pick. Something we do every year, something every team does every year, and that is supposed to make NOT signing key free agents all better? I don’t get it. In fact, him signing for near record amounts as a NI rookie actually makes me feel a little queasy. I’ve actually never heard anyone complain about not signing January before, but I certainly do recall people saying something like, " He will make us forget about Kerry Joseph real soon". If the theory now is, we signed Clermont, a position we had an abundance of talent at, and we signed St.Pierre, another position we are solid at AND something we would have been able to do regardless, rather than sign Mo Lloyd, then let me be the first to say BS. The issues are largely unrelated, but as much as they are, a mistake was made.

As for the Perry trade itself, hindsight is a wonderful thing. If Jyles or St. Pierre turn to gold, it’ll all be good, right? Actually, it is pretty much irrelevant. Then the theory would be that if we had traded Perry for a 6th round pick and that was a guy nobody ever heard of who signed for the league minimum and he turned out to be a guy who plays for 15 years and becomes a hall of famer was a oood trade. Sorry. That is not how it works. You don’t get to claim hindsight on these things—especially before the guy even straps on a helmet. A) nobody knew when the trade was made, who we would get and B). all we did was move up in the draft. If you are going to play these games, then I’ll play. Who says St. Pierre would not have still been available 6 picks later. He had already been passed over 9 times, including once by us, and 4 o-linemen went ahead of him. Or that whatever player was available wouldn’t be this “he’ll soon be a hall of famer” guy? Or let’s keep playing. If we still had our 1st round pick we sent to Montreal—you know, the guy that won’t soon make us forget Henri Childs–maybe we take St. Pierre then?
Sorry. As a GM, when you make a trade you had better be making it based on fair market value in the present, not in wishes and moonbeams about the future. That means, regardless of St. Pierre’s impending status as a Rider legend, what we got for Fred Perry was a QB named Jyles and we moved up 6 places in the draft. We did not trade for a hall of fame centre…

What number will Jonathan St. Pierre wear, I just gotta get it on my jersey.

And thanks ET for making this another very exciting off-season.....

Oh, oh. St. Pierre was 61 in Illinois and Rempel has already apparently claimed that number. Could be trouble a brewin'....
Maybe Jon just needs to say, "my cousin george says he wants me to have 61" and Jordan will let him....
Or I could see the big "hot dog eating contest" to decide....

I'll certainly give Eren Tiller credit---never a dull moment in Riderville!!!

with Jeremy getting near the end of his career, St. Pierre will be a good addition. Being a consumate professional, Jeremy will teach St. Pierre the position so he can step right in. Remember, Jeremy missed a few games last year, and having a natural centre in camp will help keep the O line cohesive.