Jonathan Ruffin our New Kicker?


Tiger-Cats have new kicker in camp
Jun, 27 2006 - 1:10 PM

HAMILTON (AM900 CHML) - The Tiger-Cats have a new kicker in camp.

Jonathan Ruffin is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.

In 2000, he was the winner of the Lou Groza Award, which goes to the top US College kicker.

That season, he was good on 26 of 29 field goals.

He played in Berlin of the World League in 2003, was with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2004 and the Dallas Cowboys in 2005.

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Now, before we run him out of town (a la Chuck Tack), let's see what this kid can do.

BTW - for those of you crying for Giancola, he stunk up the joint at the free agent camp. Didn't even get an invite back, IIRC. [url=] ... 50397/1064[/url]

Hey, Katzy, 15 yards for "Ruffin'" the Kicker".
Hands off Ken Peters that one's mine.

Right now, anyone will be better than Boreham. The guy is brutal.

haha--good one! :lol:

if its true, and the cat release boreham, then my ti-cat strike didnt last

I'm sure they will bring him in and see what he's won't see him in Calgary!

Thanks for the links...I notice he had just about given up on football...may have some rust...but they won't put him in untill he is ready!

Too early to say we have found a new kicker!

Might not be too early to say we've found a new kicker, who knows.

No Isn't that what was said...they will see what he's got????

If this guy was the second coming...he wouldn't be working putting up displays in a convention centre ( credit the link)

All the real good kickers are working! Period.

We need to find somebody better than what we have in order to facilitate a change! we need to find somebody that we can develope...bear in mind..this guy has never seen a CFL field! There is a lot of work to do yet!

Agreed. So let’s NOT hang him yet.

Lucky us :slight_smile:

woody wrote:

we need to find somebody that we can develop
Woody, I personally don't see kicking field goals at the pro level as finding someone to develop all that much. A bit, yes, but kicking is more something that you've go to do fairly efficiently from the get go, unlike other positions on the field. Do you not think that if some soccer player came into town tomorrow and could kick the lights out that the Cats wouldn't sign this guy right away and put him out on the field if he could do the football thing with the snap and 12 guys coming at him? No development needed in this case. I hope Jamie can do the job, really do but if he is on the team more because he played in the CIS and shows some talent at kicking rather than being a natural kicker, then someone somewhere made a huge mistake. It's a job where sure, you'd love a Canadian at but too important to fool around with someone who isn't a natural kicker.

To bad this guy couldnt have been at camp, would have been good for all kickers.

whats with katz and americans, holy. is he fore real, i mean rather then looking at canadian talent who can do just as good of a job, he brings in an american, katz we are playing in the cfl, stop your hating on canadians

Think you can do a better job than Mike McCarthy and Craig Smith? If so, I suggest you submit your resume to:

Re: Canadians only Chief of Scouting

ok obviously there are exceptions, im glad you know how to generalize

I could care less who kicks field goals for Hamilton, as long as the ball makes it through the uprights.

If cutting Boreham for anyone else who can do the job better is what it takes, then I hope Boreham gets cut.

It is inexcusable in pro football for a field goal kicker to miss an 18 yard field goal (Toronto game) or three field goals in one game (Montreal game). It's one thing to do it in practice, but if you do it in a game, step aside and stop hurting your team's chances of winning.

Cut Boreham...give Ranek his #30 :rockin: