Jonathan Newsome

Is signed and at camp today.

I knew there had been some talks with him, but didn't realize he had signed on officially.

What a massive signing. A little less habbywabby and he would still be in the NFL. Absolute beast and pretty stunning to see him in the CFL

6'3 and 247? not exactly a big boy for a DL. Heck at that size I'm a bit surprised he was in the NFL as a DL . Guess time will tell. I would be more stoked if he was 30 lbs bigger and a couple inches taller.

Seems about the right size for a DE to me....he's not going to play DT likely, but he is right there for End. He was used primarily as a pass rush specialist as a LB for the Colts...don't be shocked if he is also used in the MLB or something

this was a guy who was drafted mid round as a STs guy and just kept making play after play so got game action and just kept getting more because he excelled. He had a legit chance of being a regular starter in a year or 2. He would 100% be in the NFL still if he had not been arrested for habbywabby possession...the Indy staff always spoke well of him if you watch much NFL. it was the second time in the span of a couple months he got caught around it and the NFL is pretty anal about that. He was astutely added to the neglist as soon as he was released...fairly smart move rolling the dice that NFL clubs would be tentative about signing a guy with a pot charge....they generally are unless you are an allstar already.

am i concerned about a guy smoking pot? Nope...I mean it is permitted in the CFL's drug policy and supposedly supposed to be legalized here, and is legal in a few states....I am not a proponent of pot, but I am also not exactly against it...I know a few people that are complete arses when they drink so smoke pot socially instead because of that.

In my opinion it shouldn't be allowed in the CFL or anywhere else. It will be interesting if he still has the habit or not. If the team allows it I will be really disappointed. I will leave it at that.

It is fine by the CFL drug policy, so why wouldn't the team be? The present government campaigned that it would be legal by the end of 2016. Times have changed and it is viewed more or less like booze is now, except that you don't normally see stoned people getting violent or going over the top. Still not for me or anything, but it has merit. The lax pot stance by the league has been a drawing factor for a lot of players over the years actually.

of course he still has the habit...Sheets was a pot smoker too wasn't he?

Yes he was and look at all the commotion that caused. Kind of my point, if your going to point fingers at one player for doing it then what makes it all right for the next guy ?

His pot smoking caused commotion? I recall it being made a big deal because he was on backroads doing it, which isn't cool at all....same would be said about drinking. It didn't help that he had a couple strikes already