Jonathan Hefney

Suite à cette terrible blessure au cou, Jonathan Hefney demeure gravement diminué. Son cas illustre à quel point le régime d’assurance médicale de la LCF est injuste pour les joueurs américains. Si Hefney était canadien, il bénéficierait d’une couverture médicale publique, et aurait probablement déjà été opéré. La couverture médicale des joueurs s’éteint après un an seulement, de sorte qu’il n’a plus de moyens pour se faire opérer. Hefney est invalide. Comment pourrait-t-il se payer les 80 000$ dont il a besoin pour se faire opérer et redevenir un citoyen actif?

Dans un sport pouvant laisser des séquelles graves et à long terme, il est difficilement concevable que les joueurs n’aient pas un appui suffisant pour leur permettre de rejoindre leur seconde carrière en relative santé lorsque leur carrière de joueur de football se termine sur le terrain.

En attendant que la ligue et l’associations des joueurs fassent évoluer cette question, une campagne de soutien financier pour les soins de Jonathan Hefney est en cours. En tant que supporteurs des joueurs de cette ligue, je vous invite à y contribuer. Je n’étais pas le plus grand fan de Hefney, mais ce qui lui arrive est injuste, aussi j’y ai apporté ma contribution anonyme.

Surgery Jonathan Hefney

Google translated. Anyways, group plans vary even within a particular employer, unionized workers can have a different plan from non-unionized workers. My wife working for a hospital was non-union at one time and then when her co-workers in her area of work unionized, the plan changed, for the worse, not as much covered. The players union will have to look into how much they want their players to pay into a plan to cover more, if in fact that is the real issue, I don't know to be honest. Sounds like a bit of a complicated case here with Jonathan.

I gather he isn't a Canadian citizen but then refugees coming into Canada receive health benefits to some degree immediately from what I understand so who knows? :-\

Ok, will have to read this:

Interim Federal Health Program: Summary of coverage

The Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) provides limited, temporary coverage of health-care benefits to people in the following groups who aren’t eligible for provincial or territorial (PT) health insurance:
• protected persons, including resettled refugees;
• refugee claimants; and
• certain other groups.
The IFHP does not cover the cost of health-care services or products that a person may claim (even in part) under a public or private health insurance plan. The IFHP does not coordinate benefits with other insurance plans/programs so co-payments aren’t possible.

Good read in the Ottawa Citizen:

Either way, there won’t be any additional medical-benefits coverage from the Alouettes, who have met their obligations in full. If Hefney had been an equipment manager or athletic therapist or held any number of other “normal? jobs, he would have been eligible for provincial worker-compensation benefits.

“If it was anywhere else and I got hurt on the job. … I got hurt on live TV.?

I called The Commissioner, spoke to his EA. Nice lady assured me she’d bring it to his attention. Sure, he’s not aware…

The CFL would be wise to resolve this promptly before it starts to bite, and it could.

You can follow the contributions, it’s interesting to note who the good guys are, and aren’t, SO FAR.

Milt’s in, no Dunigan, no one else “on the panel”…

Morning Big Blue is in, Lyle Bauer is in, Geroy Simon is in, no Wad Miller, no WBBFC.

Montreal Team or Owner, MIA.

I was impressed to see Bo Levi is in, he just turned my attitude towards him 180 degrees.

No one from the League (you know they are aware), probably on lawyer’s advice.

Over ten k, it will make it.


Il semble que le lien soit redevenu actif.

Andrew Hawkins à 1 000$. Généreux et plein de classe, comme toujours!

It is ok to state " good guys " who contribute.

Yet because you do not see other names , do not label them as " aren't "

It is their choice.

Having said that, I do not agree that the names should be published.

Should be a privacy issue. Might even be in the privacy act.

I do like the present health care policy for american players.

Didn't the Canadian judge reject Arland Bruce's concussion lawsuit because he said the matter should be dealt with under the Workman's Compensation Program? But now, the WCP is not available to Hefney for medical care after being injured at work in Canada? Seems like something is wrong here.

I doubt there has been a case like this challenged in a court of law and is what it may take to actually know what is legal here. Sure, we can all say the morally correct thing to do would be for Jonathan Hefney to receive medical care as any other Canadian citizen would paid for from the provincial health insurance plan. But what is legal? I know if I travel to the US and don't have medical insurance and I need medical care, guess who pays?

Please visit Jonathan's gofundme:

I think it sucks that a team has no probs still paying their fired Head Coach($400K) and their
fired DC($200K), but won't pony up to pay the $80K needed for Hefney's surgery caused while playing for their team. Consequences!


I think it sucks that a team has no probs still paying their fired Head Coach($400K) and their fired DC($200K), but won't pony up to pay the $80K needed for Hefney's surgery caused while playing for their team. Consequences!
Yes, seems to me if you want your organization to look classy and morally active, completely agree Grover.

David Asper - $1,000.00!!


You are 100% correct Grover!