Jonathan Hefney sour grapes

According to @TSNDaveNaylor:

Parting shot from Swaggerville: Hefney Tweets Lions are "an average team" with "some of the softest players in the league."

Didn't know average teams win the Grey Cup... :?

If the Lions are 'soft' and 'average', I'm not sure what that makes Hefney and the Bombers...

RIP Swaggerville

Its the day after every player on a losing team is gonna be a little bitter.

Play the game multiple times and you'd get a different winner every time.

To be honest i thought it should have been a complete blow out by half-time but bomber defense held strong and only allowed a BC team having great starting field position majority of the half to 14 pts pretty solid if you ask me.

Boreham killed the bombers big time and no killer instinct in Bomber offense.. start inside BC's 30 twice and only come up with 3's instead of 7's take those 2 drive if converted on makes a difference of 8 pts tie game with 1:37 left who knows what happens?

If didn't show up so who cares right

this is how you make enemies amongst your teammates by saying stupid things like Hefney did.

I think the score flattered the Bombers with their two TD's in garbage time. Terrence Edwards was at least 2 yards offside on his receiving TD at the end. I was shocked the refs missed that, but glad that it didn't affect the outcome.

What a little bitch. Anytime you start yacking after being beat in a championship, you come off as an ass and a loser. Having said that, Hefney had that confirmed a long time ago. All I remember from him was getting beat for a touchdown.

RIP Swaggerville.

I think he was just barely onside for that play. It was about as close as you could come without being offside, in my honestly unbiased opinion. I thought it was just a great play by Edwards.

Heffney's correct about BC being an "average" team - - in fact, that pretty much sums up each of the eight teams this year. Average to mediocre. There was no dominant team in the CFL this year.

Take any of the past 10 grey cup winning teams and they'd have dominated. An overall weak year for everyone in the CFL.

Hefney inadvertently insulted his own team then...

I don't know if I'd agree with this. There was a lot of parity, but I'd still say BC dominated the league in the second half. They finished 8-1 and beat every team in their division twice, and closed out the season by embarrassing Montreal.

I can't believe people like this are even allowed to drive, they have the emotional level of a grade schooler, grow up already JH and show a little class, be a man. You got torched by a rookie for the game changing TD fcs.

He showed some class by owing up to blowing coverage on Johnson's touchdown.

Why he had to then spoil it by making this comment is beyond me.

If that's average, I hope the Lions stay average! :smiley:


So where were all the threads about other players who have made comments like that over the past number of years? I don't recall seeing any but I do recall a lot of similar things being said by various players about various teams.

These are football players, not PhD's or masters of diplomacy. They are going to say stupid things. Heffney isn't the first, nor, I'm sure, will he be the last.

I know a lot of the "Swaggerville" stuff annoyed me this year. Judging from others' comments over the course of the season, I'm guessing that I'm not alone. Just to be clear, I'm not saying that Winnipeg fans or players shouldn't have been saying that stuff, or that it was wrong. I'm just saying I found it annoying. Just the same way as people who don't like the Riders probably get annoyed at "Rider Nation" stuff, even though it doesn't bother me, or the same way as Argo fans might get annoyed at the "Oskee Wee Wee" cheer. It is what it is.

Anyways, back to my point. For some reason, "Swaggerville" hit quite a few nerves this year. I can't explain why, as its really just another trash talk/marketing thing, and it worked pretty well in Winnipeg. But because it got under some peoples' skin, I think that comments made by Bomber players may come under some additional scrutiny that might not otherwise exist. Recent history could also be a factor, as Winnipeg has been a great source of very quotable personalities, though not in a positive way. Mike Kelly as one example. That idiot kicker Westwood is another. Odell get the idea.

Put these factors together, and I think that it leads to a general atmosphere where people maybe read a little too much into comments by Bomber players.

I say let the guys just mourn their loss, and vent their frustration, and then let them move on. If they keep lashing out verbally, and it starts to become a longer-term patter, then go ahead and crucify them. For now, though, I'm prepared to cut them a little slack.

again, its a tweet. who cares. since when did twitter become some serious entity?

people make a big deal out of this... a day after losing the cup yet.. its ok for avon coburne or rob murphy or whoever else to tweet much worse stuff...

check back on some of cobournes tweets or murphys... what hef did was vent after a loss. is that really a big deal? is that being a bad team mate? i mean really...if anything this tweet shows is that he cares that they lost and was upset about it...

is that really a big deal?

lol hes being a bad teammate.. man oh man.. some of you are just... you are silly cuz reality is every bomber player coach etc were upset, hef just chose to vent about it.. is that a crime or should he be crucified? 2 3 pages about a stupid tweet..

twitter: wasnt even around a year ago.

lol, most of your post is quite ammusing, however I must correct you on one thing: Twitter is 5 years old.

Amusing is one word for it... :lol: Also, I'm pretty sure people were ripping on Avon for his dumb tweets. This is a major problem with Twiter. You've all this big personalities using it and making asinine comments. Wasn't there a basketball player making tweets while in rehab? Twitter is just a bad idea if you're a celebrity.