Jonathan Hefney for Rookie of the Year

That's my opinion, anyway. This guy is darned impressive as a DHB.

in the East, I expect the nominees for top rookie will be Cobb in Hamilton, Toronto's new DHB Lin J Shell, one of Montreal's new DHBs, Parker or Brown, or perhaps the new linebacker Guzman, but he doesn't play first string; I think Hefney would get the nod over all of them.

Now, would he beat out the West's nominee, likely to be BC's running back Mallet?

He'd get my vote, if I had one. . .

...Hefney....Hefney....Hefney.....bang-on.....Although i do like that Shell kid in T.O. as well...I'd give it to Jonathan though :wink: and i'm trying not to be too biased here... :wink:Mallett has to be considered for sure....

....with a name like Mallett....wouldn't he look good in the 'hammer'...???????????i know ...corny.... :thdn:

My thought is that if the season ended now, it would go to Mallett. Hefney has to get some consideration though, no doubt.

I suspect you're right bowlerdude.

Seems to me that when the voting happens for top rookie and also for MOP, there's a bit of a bias towards offensive players; it seems like a great offensive playmaker is valued more highly and is seen as more exciting than a defensive playmaker.

Not fair, but that's the reality for most, I think.

Personally I lean the other way; I really and truly enjoy really good well played defensive struggles, I find the chess game aspect of it fascinating.

When I think of my favourite players and coaches from each team, 9/10 times it's someone from the defensive side of things.

But I'm in a minority, I'm sure.

Nah, we got a vegetable patch for our RB core :wink:
Cobb and Caulley FTW :lol:

I don’t think I have ever seen a player enjoy playing the game more than Hefney does. He is like something on the end of a stick every play, hopping around, high fiving.

We haven’t had a player with that sort of attitude in Bomberland for a long time.

Mallett should be in Hammer. Stamps should be in Calgary, not Edmonton. This is one the Argos win though - they have a guy on their PR named Boatman.

It would be nice to see Hefney as the Eastern rep for Rookie of the Year.

after watching last game, hefney should definately get consideration... not only is he a SOLID DB, but a selfless team player, who absolutely lays guys out for jovon on returns!


It's been a long time since we've seen an excellent rookie and not only that, every game its big smiles from the guy :rockin:

Is Hefney a real pro rookie, or is he like Brown and Parker in Montreal, who both spent time in the Arena league before coming to the CFL? Either way, Hefney gets my vote. Guy is a play-maker.

And Parker’s star just faced. . . Arland Bruce just owned him on Sunday. . .

Hefney is a real rookie. In 2008, he was signed and released in the off-season by the Bucs and was then on the PR of the Eagles.

Hefney has been great and should get Rookie of the Year IMO.

i will vote for him, he is playing hardest position in league to play-- He is a gazelle with blistering speed and hands like a superhero or a duck, and can cover anyone--

He might be best in league at ripping a ball out of the air at the highest point about 13 feet in the air and just snag it like a kid snagging an ice cream bar off a younger brother. This man is a machine, so fast, has a cool hair style and can ball also..

Please give him the rookie of the year award.