Jonathan Brown going on the 9 Game DL

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It's towards the end of the article. This is a HUGE blow to our defence. Brown is the leader of the Argos D. I'm a bit nervous about the D now. I think the Argos 2nd round draft pick Etienne Legare is going to see a lot of playing time. I'm glad we drafted him and not an O-Linemen or receiver.

I think keeping Jarret Payton is a step in the right direction, and two Toronto-born rookies, wide receiver Mike Bradwell and defensive back Matt Black is also a positive addition to the roster. I think Toronto may do alright this coming season.

Legare seems like a bit of a health issue too. A couple of times on Tues the trainers had to come out to look at him. I agree Jonathon Brown injured is a bit of a blow to you guys.

The Argos will be O.K. I wouldn't worry. Hopefully between Toronto, Hamilton and Winnipeg, one of us will knock Montreal off their high horse. I prefer it to be Hamilton of course.

It is starting to look like it will be a three legged race, Toronto, Hamilton and Winnipeg for second. Probably a distant second at that. But it will be exciting the last couple of weeks of the season, seeing which one of these three will get to play the cross over team from the West.

Can't wait till he is back :smiley: