Jonas Lewis

Looks like we could be adding more depth to the team, this time at running back..........

According to Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Free Press:

A BACKUP FOR BLINK? The Montreal Alouettes have released running back Jonas Lewis and it won't be long, if it hasn't happened already, that he'll get a phone call from the Bombers. Winnipeg is trying to find a capable tailback to back up Charles Roberts after the departure of Keith Stokes to the Toronto Argonauts this winter.

"I know Doug likes him and I watched him in NFL Europe before he went to Montreal and thought he was OK," Taman said. "We'll certainly investigate that. He's not a bad tailback and he's very solid on kick coverage."

Jonas appeared in four games for the Als in 2004, carrying 20 times for 123 yards and two TDs. He carried 13 times for 50 yards last season.

Hey Piggy D maxie was on the radio from Arizona and one of the questions was who was the hardest running back to bring down. He mentioned Pringle but hen he said Sellers because you could not put your arms around those very large churning legs.

ha ha, i think having some depth behind roberts definately comforts me a little. i hope we get him

....bringing back Sellers...(the guy opened holes for Charley like no other)....would be fantastic...failing that... Jonas Lewis will be a nice addition...he's quick and durable...and I have to go with Berry again...he likes him..hope they sign the guy.. :idea: