Jon Ryan's rights to Riders for Marcus Crandell!!!!!


Just off Regina radio. Jon Ryan's rights to Riders (to replace injured Boreham) for Marcus Crandall. Crandall to start for Bombs agaisnt Bishop for Riders- Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

...except that Crandell was released last week. Nice try, but you normally do better work than this, turkey. :wink:

Riders still had him under contract till Sept. 15th apparently.

If they did, they'd have to pay out his entire salary for the year, wouldn't they?

It was all top heavey(up front) right Turkey. :smiley:

wow love all the CFL movement great stories lol

Jon Ryan spent 2 years in the NFL, nobody owns his rights :wink:

Well not now since they traded him...duh!

I dont believe that is correct. If a player leaves during the option year, his rights are still owned by that team for one year after he returns......I think.

where's your proof?

A CFL team's rights to an option year player who left them
for the NFL are retained for one year while he's in the NFL

so if Jon Ryan was in the NFL for 2 years
he is no longer any CFL team's property.

Don't think so. Ryan is a free agent---if he clears waivers. The 1st year in the NFL, a player is covered by the option year, but that expires as if he played in the CFL.

Hopefully Jon's got a soft spot for the Riders.

At least he won't be pining to re-join the human circus that is Winnipeg.

I like Boreham, but Ryan is better and Boreham is injured.

I cannot believe Green Bay released Ryan.

He did very well. I have seen him do two incredible runs for more than a first down on botched snaps.