Jon Ryan

From the Leader Post:

Jon Ryan, in an organized team practice with the Green Bay Packers, punted 8 times for an average of 63.1 yards and an average hangtime of 4.56 seconds. His shortest punt was 57 yards, while his longest was 69 yards. Packers incumbent punter averaged 47.9 yards and 4.05 seconds on 7 punts.

Ryan said he knows it's just one day and it's still an long haul.

If Ryan can keep that up, we'll never see him back in the CFL.

Great to see him do well in the NFL

god luck to Ryan, cuz he will never play in a Bombers jersey again, hopfully the Riders will get him back, cuz the kicking game in the CFL is better (you can acturally score!) than in the NFL.

lol 63.8 yards per punt! I LOVE to see our bomber guys do good in the NFL hopefully he does well for the packers.

I hope he's there when I go to Lambeau but BJ Sander probably right now has the upperhand by a slight edge

If Ryan can keep that up in games, we'll have a chance to see him... in the Hal of Fame

ya i'm sure hes not even noticed :lol:

I heard some rumors that the packers were going to cut him.

I got to take back the other post. Just finished talking to some friends in GB and most are right now saying he's the guy. I think it will come down to the preseason games though.

He should get a hair cut. :lol:

Heres a nice little article on the Punting situation in GB.

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