jon ryan?

jon ryan was released from green bay. Maybe a potential kicker for winnipeg?

he wants to stay in the nfl. and we don;t own his rights so he can go anywhere.

...i'm sure he'll catch on with another club in the excited states....too bad we could use him....and Sasks. kicker just went they would be more than interested especially since Ryan comes from there...I don't see any CFL team having the cap-room right now to sign Ryan////

I wonder if Tillman would be interested in the young canuck, Kean ?

Could be another chance for Taman to swing a deal with the Riders maybe for a linebacker or rush end ?

Highly doubt it as Kean is not worth a penny on the trade market and the BB'S still feeling out Serna (an import), so Taman trading Kean (a Canadian) is highly unlikely at this point ... Jon Ryan will be picked up by another NFL club quickly as he already has 5-6 teams interested including THE COLTS.