Jon Ryan

Jon Ryan is simply the most exciting player the Bombers have in the line-up. Gets right down to it, he could be the best kicker I've ever seen anywhere.These are funny years for Winnipeg and aside from Ryan, that team has no guts. That's why they're sitting where they are.

Ryan kicks (pun intened) a**

I hope he stays in the CFL and on the Bombers roster and doesn't go to the NFL. :frowning:

Ryan is a very exciting player to see him SMACK the ball in the air that far. He has talent and he will get a call from down South like we all already know. Our D has no guts and yeah, this is why we are at the bottom of the West once again...

Ryan is a great punter and can really kick the ball (I wish the Riders had him). BUT he has to work on getting more hangtime instead of kicking it deep or position the ball on the sidelines. Yesterday he kicked the ball to Holmes and Cory could get a full head of steam up before meeting the Winnipeg tacklers and then you saw what happened.

How sad-sack are you when your fans tout your punter as your most exciting player...classic! :lol:

Lmao. He'll be in the NFL next year, easy.

Although that is a good point.... which was actually brought up by the announcers on TSN last night, apparently he has the highest average net yards per punt, so although returners may get a few extra yards, it is made up for with the extra distance.

Go Riders!!

and yes, go Jon Ryan!!! My fiancee went to school with him and is a big fan so I told her I would cheer for Jon Ryan if she cheers for the Riders! Unless Winnipeg is trying to break a tie with a last second punt single:D

he is a blessing to the Bombers... and a pain to the cover team at the same time....his kicks are so deep the special teams can't cover... returners get a big head start.....tip to Daley ...have Ryan keep kicking them deep... but angle the punts out of bounds like all the other teams are you would be on to something. :stuck_out_tongue: ...take note of how many times Stokes started punt returns with one foot on the sidelines in the Rider game...anyway keep kicking the hell out of the pigskin Jon'll probably kick yourself right into the NFL...

Yes I fogot to mention this in another post. Jon Ryan is amazing. How can you tell that he has kicked in TF before. geez some of those were in orbit.
He is also a good guy. I talked to him for a good 45 mion to an hour last year at the Rider pavillion in Ottawa. And the time that I wasn't hitting on his girlfriend,he seemed like a good guy with a good head on his sholders. Plus his girlfriend is a Rider fan, and pretty hot.

People! your talking about a effn punter, when you have Lysack,Roberts,Stokes,Stegall… I dont know what happend to football when punters are getting all this attention! punters! they dont even practice! they kick into a effn net!

He damn near caught up to Holmes, and he is one of the fastest guys in the league. Ryan was also reciever/ returner for U of R as well. He is a great athlete. Once Stegall is retired the Bomber might want to put ryan in as slot back. Guarentee he is a better receiver then some other guys.

As far as coffin corner goes, Damon Duval is the nicest surprise of the year. Ryan has amazing power, but Duval is more precise and can kick field goals too.

I believe Duval is second only to the greatest kicker of the league: Noel Prefontaine.