Jon Ryan! the light

is this guy amazing or what comon, by the end of the season he might be our leader in points :lol: jk, well hopefully! cuz we cant seem to get any touchdowns, maybe the tandom of westwood and ryan will keep us in contention scoring endless points game in and game out, but probably not so im gonna go crawl back into my hole now and stop dreaming about my bombers being in contention :shock: i think he’l be gone to the nfl eventually.

ps: we need reggie swinton back! neone else remember him?

ryan is awesome! i wouldnt be surprised if the nfl took him away.

Yeah Ryan is a really solid punter. He’s got to be the best in the league and i’m surprised he’s not in the NFL yet.

im guessing he’ll be gone next year.

rumours rumors rumors abound over Jon…the Bombers might try to swing a deal for Westwood…if that happens Ryan will be the guy left with all the kicking duties…hence a big fat contract and a delay in his departure to the NFL. :lol:

Ryan has a strong leg…he could make in the NFL for a couple of years

I bet some idiot NFL coach will tell him he’s too small.

Kickers can be millionnaires in the NFL. If he continues to kick 65+ yarders regularly, no “Candian fat contract” will be enough to keep him in Winterpeg.

But, even though his distance is good, I think “Hang Time” is a big factor in the NFL. Can he kick as kigh as he can kick far?

If I’m not mistaken, didn’t he kick a 91-yarder already this year? Who cares if he kicks 'em high if he can kick 'em that far??!! :smiley:

i duno bout that, hang time is a really big deal… if the punter kicked it 90 yards he would badly outkick his coverage and the returner would have lots of time and room to get up to speed and make a play and with the talent of sum of those returners in the nfl u’d prolly see alot of punts returned for big gains and td’s. but it seems for the most part in the cfl he can get away with it .

My mistake - the stats page lists his longest this year at 80 yards.

he punted a 91-yard single against edmonton, but it bounced for 15 or 20 yards into the endzone. still, he’s probably up there with prefontaine for the best punter in the league

id like to see him kick one the lenth of the field

actually, i reverse my opinion…Ryan has a hell of a leg, but he holds onto the ball too long before kicking it

yea tru he does hang onto it a bit too long but it doesnt help that the line lets ppl get through to him so quickly and easily

no excuses…that ball should be out of there…it’s down to split seconds, most punters get the ball a fraction of a second before the rush gets to him…but if improves on that…no telling where he could go IMO

If say he went to the NFL with a strong enoguh leg to outkick his coverage do you not think, with the smaller field, the coaches would have him angling it out of bounds.

If you bomber fans are serious about trading westwood and keeping ryan to do both duties, i am sure some team out there will be willing to trade a big mac and future considerations for him. other than that, he is a whiner, complainer and troublemaker, and has a bad haircut

and is one of the best place kickers presently in this league. annoying yes but he is very good at place kicking although he is struggling a bit this year… i would love to see him traded to sask. that would be too funny. he would drive into town on a combine playing the bango with a couple teeth blacked out. i would pay to see his reception.