Jon Ryan -Packers Camp

By the looks of it the Packers are going to take Ryan as their punter. After all, they have Ryan in a video on their training camp highlights.

You need real player. And Did he always slur his "S"s so badly?

Great for him… he deserves the shot. besides Westwood seems to have all the kicking duties under control this year. His punting has been great, and his placekicking hasn’t suffered on top of it. Go get 'em Jon!!!

Thankfully Westwood finally seems to have gotten the hang of punting. Good luck to Ryan! I'll be cheering for him.

Good to see another Canadian kid do well!

....Sask. says they're looking for a kicker....well i hope they're not holding their breath waiting for Ryan....especially after he's become the poster boy for the Packers....Jon will probably be in the nfl. for a long time...and good for him...the guy sure has talent.. :thup:

stranger things have happened...Ray cut with Jets after stellar pre-season game....Dominguez cut after scoring TD in one knows for sure until the final roster is published!

…A little look at why Jon is being missed by the BigBlue…i don’t ever remember Troy getting that kind of extension… :lol: :rockin: