Jon Ryan on Shaky Ground in Greenbay

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (registration required): "Seeking to tap into the Australian pipeline again, the Green Bay Packers signed "street" free-agent punter David Lonie Friday. The Packers aren't necessarily looking to replace incumbent Jon Ryan, but after a shaky rookie season (26th in net average, 28th in punts inside the 20) they want to challenge him

Interesting find Onk. But with 4 kickers already on the roster (Boreham, Setta, and Devlin as K and Flemming listed as P) I would rather see the spot saved to bring in a new LB or WR.

Guy has got a Cannon for a Leg

Is Ryan a free agent if Green Bay cuts him?

He may catch on with another NFL team if he gets cut.

Of course all of this won't play out until August anyway, so our training camp cadre of kickers/punters is probably set.


And he is pretty funny too.

Did a gag on TSN speaking of his chances of becoming NFL MVP in reference to Canadians already winning MVPs in MLB, NHL and NBA last year.

Not a bad year eh!!

We could sign Him and Vanderjagt…

Ryan could do all the Place Kicking and Punting
Vanderjagt could do Field Goals

Both are Canadian… so That Helps.

Do I smell a "man-crush" on Vandy???

I'm not so sure you want to persue that line of reasoning...

But "Vandy" would be a great addition to the 'Cats, especially since Jodi of the Y108 Morning Show absolutely hates him.

He doesn't even have to play, just to hear her pi$$ed off would be nice enough.