If the Bombers are serious about the future with regards to the kicking duties for this club then they should be making every attempt to sign this guy for a nice chunk of change. I realize the NFL. is likely to come calling but how much would they be willing to stake on his signing and could we compete.....The Bombers put out some serious cash for Khari....and I don't think it would be asking too much to do the same to sign this kid.....he's part of the future for this team.....Troy is on the downhill side of his career and I think Ryan should be the guy to take over all the kicking duties..Taman ...don't let this guy slip away....

You seriously think that the Bombers will consider giving a kicker (as good as he is) the same kind of contract as Khari (i.e. $1 million over 3 years)? I don't think so.

Just curious, what $$ does a typical NFL kicker make?

Jon Ryan is gone to the NFL next year, and I wish him all the best - he'll have a great career there. All he needs to work on is the positioning of his kicks - he definetely has the distance.

If for some reason he doesn't make it to in the NFL, I sure hope he comes back the Peg.

Not a snow balls chance on that one papaz, the kid is just too good for anything but the Show.

by serious change....I didn't say a million..Jamie my friend ...just a good solid contract/offer that would at least have him think things over.....maybe a slim chance but what the wouldn't lose anything by giving a solid effort to sign him....

Funny how Ryan is a player we don't want to see come on the field but is so impressive to watch when he does. Watch 'em while we can.

That quote is what I based my comment on - you seem to suggest that Ryan should get a similar offer - although thats probably not what you meant.

phhh he's a punter.. give him a hamburger and board , he'll be fine.

There is NO chance he'll be playing with the Bombers next year. Look at his average, 9yds more than the next punter. I wouldn't be surprised if Ryan gets pick up this year by some NFL team.

no way Ryan is going anywhere this year.....he said as much himsellf ...that he would definitely stay till he put this team into the look forward to see Jon putting your team a bit further downfield for awhile yet.......hehehe he.... :lol: