Jon Ryan is a kicking God!!!!

That guy gives Winnipeg a near 30 yard advantage in field position every time he touches the ball. If the CFL does not lose him to the NFL, I would be surprised. Congrats on getting him Winnipeg. I would almost (not quite, but almost) vote for him as special teams player of the year just for his talent.

RYAN ROCKS!!! hope Winnipeg keeps him! we needs his skill!

Kinda makes me proud to be a regina boy.....brings a tear to my eye


I'm assuming Ryan was drafted. Does anyone know the year he was drafted and what position (e.g. #2 in first round, etc)

When most teams would kneel in the endzone and give up the safety, Ryan punts 66??? yards and the Riders come up with only semi-decent field position. Simply Amazing!

I agree. It was after that punt that I decided to make the original post.

Well that 30 yard shank, that cost us the game, was pretty god like.........

he definatly has a leg on him, just a little more practice on angeling to the corner and he will be one of the best.

He was a third round choice. 24th overall in 2004