Jon Ryan GONE to Packers

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Winnipeg punter Jon Ryan has agreed to terms and is expected to sign with the Green Bay Packers on Tuesday, according to Sportsnet Football Insider Eric Tillman.

The 25-year old, who spent two seasons with the Bombers, established an all-time CFL mark in 2005 averaging an amazing 50.6 per punt.

In addition to the Packers, Ryan had been extended offers by both of the other teams he had worked out for this off-season, the New York Giants and the Cincinnati Bengals.

woo! From my favorite CFL team, to my favorite NFL team ... awesome. Pretty sure we'll see Mr. Ryan kicking a lot next year .. Favre might not be back!


Hope the door hits him in the balls on his way out, *************!!!!

he'll be a failure in the NFL and come back on his hand and knees!!!


KK, I hope that is just bitter rambling. Jon Ryan will be the most successful CFL to NFL convert since Vanderjagt (the most accurate kicker in the NFL.... except for his last second shank against Pittsburgh=). He has a monster leg and they will teach him the accuracy and quick timing he needs. I would rather he sign with the Riders and stay in the CFL, but you can't be mad for him wanting to quadruple (or more) his salary. Good luck Jon, you will be missed in the CFL, but now my wife will probably let me watcha few NFL games if Green Bay is playing. And she will stop cheering for the Bombers. She went to high school with him so she feels she must cheer for him =)

Go Riders.

Well, I'm just ****** and why the Packers? That bloddy team should still be playing a few games in MIlwaukee!

Makes me ever more mad that he goes to another cummity team just southeast of Manitoba which is smaller than Winnipeg but can afford to pay him more!

I know I really shouldn't be mad at Green Bay cuz it's a miracle that they have a team in a league that will go out of there way for them (unlike the NHL and the Jets), but the Packers should have moved a lone time ago (like in the 1940's). and the same goes to the Patroits, who should have moved to Hartford cuz god knows Boston doesn't like the NFL.

Sorry, I'm just mad, give me a day to cool down.

[quote="Dr.Rise"]but now my wife will probably let me watcha few NFL games if Green Bay is playing. And she will stop cheering for the Bombers.[quote]

Great, the BBs are even lossing fans over this! Hope she still remands a Bomber fan. I feel bad for you, Doc, now that you have to watch the NFL! :cry:

.........JC KK, give it a rest, wish the fellow well and get on with life........



i needa a smoke…

Ryan won't make it. He is too slow for the NFL. Really Kanga what you should be worried about is him signing with the Roughriders when he doesn't make it.

Its great news for Ryan but bad news for the Bombers and the CFL. I'm wishing for the day when our top players want to stay here because 3-down footbal is just so cool!

Well, he'll be back in his hometown, that's not bad, but a kicker/punter isn't the big scorer and West wood is good, but not a god like Ryan.

It's tricky, were talking about a guy that doesn't get the big points, but can put Single points on the board. But that doesn't always win games.

if he does sign with the Riders, I will not be as argry as I am right now, he should stay in a league where his talent is trurly appesheated.

that day is coming, don't worry.

Geez, I'd be wishing my top offensive player :wink: all sorts of luck. Man if he can boot them in Green Bay like he did in Winnipeg....

Anyways, time to go to the rumours post and stir the pot again!

He's a great punter but has a lot to learn going to the NFL, hangtime, accuracy, and most importantly with him how to get the ball off quicker (watch how quick the Steelers punter gets the ball off). With his leg he should be able to do it.

...good luck Jon.....hate to lose a great punter and team guy...but the NFL is what everyone shoots them down there.. that the CFL and Canada really does have some excellent talent...I only wished they would stop robbing it...selfish me...but good on you... :arrow:

........smaller field might take getting used to........

Especially those stupid tocuhbacks!



need another smoke...

They are going to love Jon in GB, good luck Jon, kick the crap out of the ball down there.

I don't think that the NFL is robbing the CFL at all. Most the guys like Ryan and Lumsden ask for tryouts, it's not like they ever got drafted in the NFL in the first place. And for those that the NFL actually goes after, well, can you blame them, they are trying to put together the best teams they can. Just take it as a positive note for the CFL that the NFL wants some of our guys. I know it's tough to lose some guys but we can't compete with the money they are offering, that's all there is to it. No shame in that.

...the problem with guys like Ryan leaving....and don't get me wrong....I would like the guy to achieve every success that his talent can's just that when a team ...such as the Bombers are right now... trying to re-up to be as competitive as they can... suffer the loss of a player of Ryans caliber after only one year with the puts them back to square-one... also.. I believe... its a little easier for a team that has a great depth of talent....and cash..(maybe the salary cap will take care of the money problem) take the loss of a player or two to the NFL...but not a team trying to gain a little respectability... ..and who are trying to get back to play-off contention....the answer IS a re-negotiated reciprocal agreement we have with the NFL....that would allow a player to go to the NFL...only after a min. 3 year stint in the CFL...just face it...if they don't play up here and get noticed...some of these guys..would drift in obscurity they should have a little more obligation to our league than is presently in place....better for the fans....better for the league...and the player can still make his way to the NFL...if that were his choosing...just my thoughts.. :!:

Jon Ryan, who led the CFL in punting average last year with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, has signed a three-year deal with the Green Bay Packers and reportedly received a signing bonus in excess of $25,000 ...

After reading this who can blame him for leaving...