Jon Jones vs. Brock Lesnar (SPOILER)

after Jones vanquished a game but over-matched Cormier last nite - UFC popped Brock Lesnar into the equation.

Now there's no denying Lesnar does some of the meanest promos known to man, great entrance music - but he's weak-chinned. Cormier surived a brutal head kick but succumbed 30 to 45 seconds later. Lesnar would probably crumple up 'n die. . . . . . of this there is no question.

Cormier even pasted Jones a few good shots - with little effect. Jones would eviscerate Brock in under 95 seconds - think of how fast a fraud like Rousey went limp vs. Holly Holm 1st, then Nunes. :cowboy:

The question is, though, if Brock’s size and strength would allow him to take down Jones successfully. Cormier couldn’t, and he’s a highly decorated wrestler, but Brock is much bigger.

It would be fun to watch, though I don’t think it can happen anytime soon since Brock was suspended for PEDs.

I think Brock would be fighting fther time & Jon Jones, should he dre to step bck into the octgon.

Even with Brock coming in t 260 - w/ Jones @ 228-234 there's no question Jones is the vstly superior UFC fighter. Not even close. Brock is a ground brawler, pretty much his story - not big power to his punches - kicks are uneven and often timid.

Jones should be 80 to 85% favourite to end Brock in under 7 minutes (2 rounds).

Brock might go on a fishing excursion (talkfest) for this potential fight) but if he's smart he'll stick to fighting punch drunk hobos!

Looks like if this fight happens, it'll have to be in Japan. Both Lesnar and now Jones (again) have been busted for PEDs. >:(

The other way for a potential Lesnar vs. Jones thing to happen is if sanctioned by WWE - which pretty much sanctions fights between midgets and giants.

Won't have the gravitas of being sanctioned by MMA but MMA/UFC is rapidly losing credibility.

May as well give it to Vince McMahon - he'd probably make just as much money promoting Lesnar vs. Jones as would Dana White jobbing it.

And he can write a script for the fight. First rule - he doesn't write a script, its legit. Naaah. Write the script Vince - might get 2 or 3 fights out of Jones/Lesnar to boot.

Undercard could feature Michelle Obama in a handicap match taking on Munchkin's wife, Ivanka Trump and Melania. Methinx Michelle would rip the two prissy girls (Linton & Ivanka) in half before being somewhat confronted by Melania. But Michelle Obama is just too powerful - she'd probably squeeze the crap out of Ronda Rousey so I don't like Melania's chances. Might survive 45 seconds to a minute immo.

They can't possibly be in the same weight class, can they? I know that Lesnar is not exactly the most skilled fighter out there, but I wouldn't want to take on someone that freakishly large.

Jones fights at 205 and Lesnar at 265. But Jones can just not cut weight and enter the fight at 220ish. He'd still be outweighed by a lot, and I'm not sure if Lesnar could cut to 265 without the aid of PEDs.

I did read that the UFC had been considering setting up Jones vs current HW champ Miocic before Jones tested positive. But Miocic fights at around 235 or 240 I think.