Jon Gruden emails

So he is getting a lot of justified flack over bad emails.

I find myself wondering tho if once we do something stupid or bad, no matter how many years ago, is that it?

Could Jon have come forward before this came out and said, I did somethings I regret. I have had attitudes that I repent of and no longer agree with. etc. Assuming he was sincere, would he still be crucified? Should he, or anyone, having done such things and expressed such negative attitudes always be reviled no matter how much they sincerely regret and repent of such things?

One might say in theory in such a circumstance, the repentant party should be forgiven and all be well. However, in reality, how would people still react?

just wondering


One day a HUGE FREAKIN' solar flare will fry all the servers everywhere and everyone will be given a clean slate. All the people who deserve a second chance will keep their nasty thoughts to themselves and live happily ever after. Everyone else will run for office. :grin:


Do you really think the guy has changes his stripes....doubtful at best. He is only sorry hw got caught. Not to mention that now the cat is out of the bag we will be seeing people coming forward with his most recent boneheaded exploits.


So a darn good football coach is losing his job for saying something mean 20 years ago?

Such are the times...


you have not understood my post.

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There's a whole lot more, particularly from the scum that is that Washington team and organization who were on the other side of Gruden's e-mails, but he was made to take ALL the heat this week.

We'll see where else this all goes now or not, but those who think it's all Gruden's repugnant comments over the course of a few years ago are being misled already.

That result I suspect is the plan of somebody closer to the more powerful of the NFL owners, which does not include Mark Davis based on the past of the Raiders, who have much else to cover-up and hide like usual.

We shall see if the media are placated again or remain, like now for the first time in years, asking for more from the NFL.


Yes I do believe many more people have changed some of their views in the last five years than have not.

In this situation, I don't know and given his public persona on a consistent basis, I believe Gruden had as well.

We'll never know the answer and he remains accountable and responsible, for what he said consistently years ago, but to project any more than that as you are doing is not just at all.

I get it if you don't like the Raiders or him and have some axe to grind, so enjoy the schadenfreude then too I suppose.

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Here's a bit more out today, as another example of hypocrisy on this sort of matter such that not everybody in on the matter is being taken to account, by one of the NFL's top water boys Adam Schefter.

A piece published by the publication on Tuesday night includes portions of several emails between Allen and journalists from a court filing. In one of them from July 2011, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter asks Allen for feedback on a draft of an unpublished story that was published later the same day.

“Please let me know if you see anything that should be added, changed, tweaked,” Schefter wrote, per the paper. “Thanks, Mr. Editor, for that and the trust. Plan to file this to espn about 6 am ….”

Now the latter status of one of the water boys is of course no revelation and Peter King was the lead and legend on that front for much of his career, for all the NFL media carry water for the mighty NFL or you simply have the valuation of your sports media operation chopped into less than half by my conservative estimate, but the sanctimony and hypocrisy of those ESPN (and NBC) types the most is at hand again here when this promotional reality, and all the associated conflicts of interest, are not also revealed in line with the reporting on incidents like this one that involved Jon Gruden but clearly does not involve only Jon Gruden.

But there, we have more media outlets now keeping things honest than 15 years ago along the lines ESPN seems still to operate in its New England / New York City bubble:

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So the NFL decided they wanted to bury Gruden, and they did. They leaked the emails to credible sources and thought the 1st one would do it. Mark Davis told the NFL to go away so they leaked more.

Zero chance he can recover from that.

Quite the smoke screen if you ask me. 650k emails and only Jon Gruden emails come out? The Washington Football Team was fined 10 million dollars for workplace culture. The actual source of these emails. Crickets.

The cheerleaders say they were taken to another country, passports taken away, and forced to take topless pictures and video for the owner of the team. Crickets.

There were high profile NFL coaches also on some of the Gruden emails. The same coaches also received the pics of the topless cheerleaders. Crickets.

There has to be a receiver to these emails. Bruce Allen. No responses? Didn't initiate any of these conversations? Crickets.

They want us to believe that Jon Gruden is the only person in 650k emails that said something nasty about Roger Goodell? The first openly gay NFL player or Female officials?

Not one email saying something disparaging about Black Lives Matter or Colin Kaepernick?

Make no mistake I'm not defending Gruden. He had to go and deserves to never work in the sport again. But there's more here and the NFL just put up a huge smoke screen, in the process went after a person and an organization they've never liked.

The hypocrisy is incredible though. OJ Simpson is still in the Hall of Fame, but Jon Gruden was taken off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' wall of honor. (Same team Antonio Brown plays for).

Here's 1020 arrests of NFL players since 2000. Or about 50 per year.


Now that I did not know! Oh yeah, the Antonio Brown situation they want us to pretend never happened now as they remove Gruden's name just like that?

Oh let's not forget Warren Sapp's antics after his playing career too now!

This is hubris on full display by the NFL and the powers-that-be friendly to Goodell.

Jon Stewart, well beyond this example in sports, had an excellent take on this matter of cancellation, which the Gruden situation in my opinion was not merely such as others given his routine and repeated misbehaviour as documented. There is a difference as opposed to when one makes a single high profile off-the-cuff inappropriate remark.

As I understood his point, the relentlessness on the part of some folks who operate outside of media circles, so as to target and take out some people based on past comments but not others, in itself is problematic and toxic.

Knowing where this sort of selective targeting has gone and can go in many a bygone authoritarian regime in history, I agree.

If underlying inappropriate behaviour is being targeted, and in this case released by an unknown party who clearly was targeting Gruden but giving a pass to at least the other party on the e-mail Bruce Allen along with others, either we treat all infringing parties like Gruden equally or the punishment is unequal and does not fit the crime for those who get to skate again.

Beyond it all and beyond Gruden, the NFL has a bigger problem on its hands I figure now than ever as much of the media voices are clamoring for the rest of the e-mails. I don't see that happening at all, but these chickens do have a way of coming home to roost.

It would not surprise me to hear about several retirements of general managers and coaches after this season, for they perhaps will decide to avoid to some degree the witch hunt, which I believe is well underway for real "witches" for sake of these matters at hand well beyond Jon Gruden in the NFL.

Here is a fine article on the matter, by LZ Granderson, as copied with permission from the Los Angeles Times

There has been the game within the game, and well, it's time to scrutinize it especially as the NFL and the media partners put on this sanctimonious front:

Invasion of privacy & let he who has no sin, cast the first stone.

Also, it's up to the gay community (in the NFL) to stick up for Jon. The punishment doesn't fit the crime.

The NFLPA has requested the release of all of the emails.

Will it happen?

Or will it be like the evidence from Spygate, deflategate and the majority of the other NFL investigations and be kept quiet.

Again, WFT was fined $10 million dollars and we don't know what for.

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I am confused on the emails .

Not approving of the content whatsoever never sent an email like that .

Is the email a individual email to another individual and not for public consumption or have I read it wrong .

That's what I don't get . If it was a private conversation in person and someone taped it what he said is in bad taste but not a crime it's a sad exposure using an invasion of a private conversation.

I would say it's a good thing we clean up the hateful talk that we see all the time .

But holy smokes the superbowl is celebrating rappers who say some of the most vile things and they are the entertainment .

Just read some of snoop dog lyrics and others it's not exactly a love in for women etc.... .

Don't care it's a ridiculous double standard Gruden wasn't selling hate talk to the masses with gangsta rap .

Just so I am understood I am good with the rappers at the superbowl not good with the ridiculous double standard where one is celebrated and paid for entertaining with the same words to a group and the other is taken down for a personal e mail .

Sample Left out the full words for the obvious

Where that n who be talking s?
He don't come around no more because I f his bitch
I made her s my d, while I was squeezing the t

Not exactly screaming family sports entertainment .


@Jasmine as I have seen many a writer comment, though I don't agree even then with most of what they spout like that Jason Whitlock who seems butt-hurt more than anything else, I do agree with them that the NFL has a huge hypocrisy problem as do also ESPN and NBC covering for their errors on top of their other hypocrisy between their sports coverage versus their news narratives and even worse when intertwined for years now.

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Unlike those clowns at ESPN and NBC, here is CBS now at least calling this matter what it really is at the core, at minimum, and not pinning the matter merely on Jon Gruden, as the NFL tried to pull this week, but obviously that narrative is not going to fly either and the people are not fooled

Ah ha look at things leak out now - here's the NFL's general counsel exposed and just how close he was to Bruce Allen and covering for him with apparently some side benefits with that Hooters VIP Card.

Now the latter appears nothing unusual and is not the story here in itself though will get the clicks, but the fact that the NFL's general counsel was this close to one General Manager with plenty of e-mails of topless ladies, well now that's a lot of sanctimony and hypocrisy on the part of the NFL in trying to isolate this matter and make an example of merely Jon Gruden:

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Agreed this was/is the NFL TRYING to publicly sacrifice one in order to save the many...bit only remains to be seen if they will succeed, or will the many also miss the lifeboat

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It never ceases to amaze me how certain groups in our society are portrayed as victims and are not responsible for any of their own problems while others are always the villians who can do and have done no right.