JON CORNISH , wins the Lou Marsh Trophy!!!

Congrats to JON :rockin:

This is the only award for , the Canadian Athlete Of The Year [in ANY pro sport , any sex , around this whole world for all of Canada].

The LOU MARSH TROPHY , is decide by sports reporters of Canada and the TORONTO STAR [wow] :wink:

The last CFL player to win this award was , RUSS JACKSON. :cowboy:


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In other news Rocket Ismail has signed with the Argos :cowboy:

:cowboy: :rockin:

I am a Rider fan through and through and get anxious even talking about the Stampeders in a positive way but this needs to be said.
For Jon Cornish to win the Lou Marsh Trophy as Top Canadian Male Sports Athlete this year is a tremendous accomplishment. |Not many CFL players have been considered let alone won this award. For this young man to win this outright over such guys like World Champions skater Patrick Chan and over many other accomplished athletes is quite an honour and accomplishment. This young man from Newestminister, B.C. deserves a huge congratulations from all Canadians.
Congrats Jon Cornish on a tremendous accomplishment.

:thup: Well Done :thup: Mr. Cornish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!