Jon Cornish talks Stamps' QB situation

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Jon Cornish has been envisioning the Calgary Stampeders offence in 2014.

It likely involves No. 9 handling a similar workload to the career-high 300 touches he was granted last season.

It also involves Drew Tate.

As the Stampeders murky quarterback situation hides under the veil of a long, wintry Calgary off-season, the CFL’s reigning Most Outstanding Player weighed in on who he thinks should be taking snaps when training camp breaks later this year.

“Drew Tate. I’ve said it for years — when Drew Tate is the quarterback, we win,? Cornish said when asked last week who he thinks will win the three-way battle under centre this spring. “When he’s able to finish games, we’re undefeated. Based off that, I’m 100%, Drew is my boy.?

Cornish is right.

When Tate gets the start and makes it through a full 60 minutes, the Stamps are 7-0 since October 2011 when he took the keys from a struggling Henry Burris.

A ton of ink will be spilled across the country when pundits start weighing in with regards to the Stamps signal-callers, which went from three to two and back to three when Kevin Glenn was plucked by the Ottawa RedBlacks last month in the expansion draft and was promptly replaced by another veteran, Adrian McPherson, late of the Montreal Alouettes.

Over the past two years, two things have become very clear.

  1. Stampeders GM/head coach John Hufnagel likes his quarterback depth and won’t take any chances when it comes to the position he played at the professional level from 1973-87.

  2. When your wagon is hitched to Tate, depth is a good thing to have.

Health permitting, there’s no reason to think Tate wouldn’t have the inside track on the starter’s job when training camps open at the end of May.

But since the start of the 2012 season, Tate has separated his shoulder, broken his wrist and then succumbed to a mysterious muscle/tendon/ligament injury in his throwing forearm/elbow, which shelved him this past season from early July until October. Even when the 29-year-old returned, he couldn’t supplant Glenn from the starting role, other than a pair of key relief appearances against the Saskatchewan Roughriders late in the season and in the West final.

And Bo Levi Mitchell, who turns 24 in March and will benefit from his second full off-season in the Stampeders system, will be looming.

“I think Bo’s going to be playing a lot this year, regardless, just because he’s such a talented player,? Cornish said. “And then we’ll see how Adrian works out. I haven’t seen him play for a long time.?

Cornish is also interested in seeing the plan for running back Martell Mallett, who rushed for 1,240 in his only CFL season with the B.C. Lions back in ’09.

“Generally, I think we’re putting ourselves in a good position to be the team we have been the past two years and being able to absorb injuries,? Cornish said of his team’s off-season activity so far, which has included re-signing eight of its potential 18 free agents. “We’ve had several different running backs in over the past few years, so we’ll give him a chance to see how he’s held up.?

Isn't saying that he is 100% when he starts and finishes the game, kind of skewing things a bit. Just for example in the 2011 Western Semi, he started and didn't finish but he arguably orchestrated the loss before being sat. His fumble was the key play in that loss.

....Too fragile for the stamps to put all of their faith in Tate.....They better get Bo Levi some quality playing time real quick :wink:

Right now Cornish is the whole team. Stamps are in trouble with no QB

Bo Levi can step up as well

With Hufnagel and Dickinson overseeing the offense, it doesn't matter whether it's Tate, Mitchell, or McPherson behind centre. That offense will keep rolling. Huf and DD know how to call plays and design packages to suit the unique strengths of a given quarterback. And that O-line will hold up no matter who's behind centre.

Agree. Stamps backfield is just fine.

Calgary still has a VERY strong contending team. Their biggest adjustment will be losing Deane to Ottawa and Tsoumpas to retirement. But the rest of their depth chart is strong everywhere and all their guys are re-signing early, which says a lot about their room. That team is a close group.

Maybe Glenn will be shopped back to Calgary now that Henry signed with the RB's. :lol:

In many ways, I see parallels between the Stampeders of the past few years and the Alouettes of the mid-2000s. Both strong teams, elite during the regular season, but had or have trouble elevating in the playoffs. The core of the team is great, and they are very well-coached, so I see them making a Cup run in the next year or two.

...yeah, big trouble with three competent QBs, what will we ever do? a better situation would be to have an aging battered vet who can get easily rattled and a backup who has thrown a total of 18 game-time passes in his professional career, way better

The battered vet that dominated all year you mean?

Wait, are we calling Darian Durant an "aging" quarterback? That's hilarious. :lol:

...theoretically we are all 'aging', even you d&p :stuck_out_tongue: at 33 he is not old yet, just aging, like cheese, or wine

...dominated? nah, did really well and had a great team in front of him, he was good, but 'dominant'? guess for some rider fans they can not put down the bias, check the stats, he was good, not dominant....if you CR feel your QB situation is better than my team's, well then we have to agree to disagree...what about the 18 passes thing? guess you didn't want to go there, that's okay, I understand...

You think the stamps are better off then the Riders at QB? Maybe you should check the stats. DD did dominate the stats last year. I guess you think that Tate will make it through a season? Or does Bo Levi's one game against the worst team in the league make him proven. Maybe you should check your bias cause you guys are hurting at QB, and the whole league knows that.

...worst ever, what will we do, done for

.........You will hang your hat on Cornish again, and that gets you nothing come playoffs. :lol:

See, it's statements like this that make Rider fans look bad. Don't give your fellow fans a bad name. Calgary had arguably the best QB depth in the league last year, and after the expansion draft, they're still in good shape, with Tate and Mitchell as a combo. If they had been that worried about experience at QB, they'd have protected Glenn.

Does Calgary have experience at QB? Not nearly as much as SSK or other teams. But let's say Durant and Tate both get hurt. Which teams looks better, Calgary or Saskatchewan? If you can take off your Rider glasses for a second, you should be able to see that Calgary is in better shape when it comes to QB depth (not QB experience, which is a different category).

Oh my bad, it seems i was talking stats and experience of DD compared to the Stamps QB's. I not comparing back up QB's, and why would anyone. Why would you count on number ones going down, seems pointless. And yes i will defend DD against any QB in the league, and will also admit that if he goes down we are in trouble.

LOL. You do realize that every team last year lost its starter for some length of time due to injury? Football is a contact sport. Quarterbacks are protected to some extent, but injuries can still happen (look at the innocuous hit that put Calvillo's season and career on ice).

I do realize that starters go down, some more then others, but on paper you compare starters. Do NHL teams compare guys in the AHL to another teams starters, I think not. What next, are we going to compare third string slot backs, or maybe we should look at high school talent in the Regina area?