Jon Cornish Lou Marsh winner

Congrats to him for winning the honours as Canada's athlete of the year for 2013. Not often a CFL player wins this, last time Russ Jackson according to the article.

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its about time congrats Jon Corish don't expect any mention on Sportsnet lol

just in case you were serious

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From Steve Simmons on Twitter:

steve simmons ?@simmonssteve 18h
Terrific to see Jon Cornish win the Lou Marsh Trophy. A once in a lifetime accomplishment for a once in a lifetime season by the Canadian RB

And let's face it, a lot of people would say only a player in what is considered as the top league or circuit for the sport they play in should win it so it really is significant when a player in a league like the CFL wins it.

Good to see a CFL player win this, pity it is him. My last ounce of respect for him vanished that the play awards. If I saw him on the side of the road changing a flat, I would likely stop and deflate another one.