Jokes to get us through quarantine

I spent one night driving around Jamaican drug dealing pimps as they did their business. Weird experience for one not in that life. Funny thing, maybe, next year two of them and another guy tried to do me in, sort of.

Oh wow. Why did they target you?

You told that great story about that date you had to go to a party back when you had a 'fro, but you didn't do anything you just showed up after your date probably tricked you.

Well, the third guy thought I had done him some wrong and he was like a future bad guy. Not sure of their exact intentions, but they surrounded me and one of the Jamaicans was in the process of grabbing me around the arms while the third guy started to kick me. Thanks to my reflexes, survival instinct, speed, agility along with some other assets and a little help from God I am sure, I was able to bend over and step forward while the one guys arms closed above me, then as the other guys foot was coming up to my head, I twisted and darted between the two other guys and after that, they were not going to catch me.

Next night, they came back. As soon as I saw them I went darting across the park to the house and they came around in the car to cut me off. If I keep running, they probably would have run me over. I slowed down and then noticed how long it took them to slow dowm So I sped up as if to try to cross in front of them, they sped up, and I darted around behind them before they could stop or get out,

Ahh that was the life :slight_smile:

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Well that's a lesson for me. If I ever become a taxi driver and happen to pick up a couple of Jamaican drug dealers, I'll definitely insist that they pay their cab fair in advance. That way killing me along the way would become a complete waste of money.

FYB you sound like you could have been or should have been in some old '70s cop show: "The Mean Streets of BC".

Did you resemble Benny Hill when he wore the 'fro?

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That's some good "strategery" by you again there @Maaax

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naah, my hair darker and much tighter curls.

BTW, I drove them around in their really nice black 72ish grand prix, or maybe it was monte carlo.


Damn. It's like you could have been in "Super Fly."

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There is some good stuff in this, check it out


Should this thread be renamed 'Jokes to get us through the strike' ? :smiley:


I suppose tales from the strike or other labour rebellion or insurrection, nothing since 2020 please, could be of interest.

Ways to ditch a lousy job

Mailing it in on your way out

Killing time on an afternoon since the network is down

And so forth ...these are the CFL times upon us

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Heard in downtown TO this weekend


And they were not golf fans :slight_smile:


'Jokes to get us through the strike'... is officially off and running!



Why do Hockey players shake hands at the end of their series and other sports don't?

Because In the other sports the players play with their balls!


In curling we try to get each other's rocks off... the ice.

Now back to protesting!


Does "dicky Dee count?


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They're STILL around? Wow. I was a kid forking over hard scrounged nickels to Dicky Dee pushers (that stuff was addictive) back in the 1960's.

We were like Pavlov's Dog. The slobber started the moment we heard the ice cream bell tinkling.

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Alright joke time...."drug" version

I bought some shoes from a drug dealer.
I don’t know what he laced them with, but I was tripping all day!


You were probably wearing 'high' tops. :partying_face: