Joke: Arland Bruce traded to Montreal for Kerry Watkins

Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has traded Arland Bruce to Montreal in exchagne for Kerry Watkins. The 5-11, 190-pound native of Georgia leads the Montreal Alouettes for the third consecutive year in yards and number of receptions.

The Ticats also announced that the team has released import defensive back Bo Smith.

About the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a member of the Canadian Football League (CFL) with a rich 140-year history, which includes 15 Grey Cup Championships. For more information log onto

This post is ficticious and for the sole purpos of your amusement in these tough times


Gimme a source!

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haha thats a bad one!!!



Clearly people don't read the fine print. You had me going there for a minute. :lol:

Until you pointed it out I didn't see the fine print. I can't read it even now but I'm guessing that it states the post is some sort of attempt at humour

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would be better if you used PORTER and GIBSON .... lol

Bo Smith?? I cant find him on wickapedia

Wow I thought this was serious....someone lock this thread up..

i was excited for a minute bruce is becoming a cancer. He didnt exactly look great out there either on monday with his lack lustre effortoh wait it must have been PORTERS FAULT