Jojuan says "we're the best!"

Not sure how many fans stuck around after the game, but as Jojuan Armour left the field towards the visitors locke room, he shouted up to us guys in Sect. 18 and shouted "Best fans in the CFL, Best fans in the CFL" and started pointing to us, and clapping. He got emotional and appeared to start crying a bit.

Truly a class guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. I loved the year he played here with Zeke and wish Armour, of the two, never left. Too bad things didnt work out better here with you.

Good luck Jojuan, always welcome back in the Hammer!

This guy who when he was here Always treated it me well
I have Great Respect for his On Field Playing Style and Heart .

Not taking anything away from the LBs here because I love them, but I have always liked Jojuan. I have always had a mountain of respect for him as a player and as a person and as much as I would hate to see Printers win it, I wouldn't feel badly at all to see Jojuan with another ring.

Nice to see he still has that much respect for us.

Jojuan shows some class unlike that Araki guy who made a gesture around the crotch area.

I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it. I mean he was headed into the dressing room where some of his teammates were... :wink:

Thanks for the laugh . I need it today . :lol:

Trust me Aracki earned the right to throw that out. Its really tame compared to the stuff coming out of the stands. It was Banks who should be vilified if anyone from BC should and frankly I don't believe any of them were anything more than targets. Some funny stuff, some stuff that made our fans look stupid and a whole lot of vulger. It was fun for the most part. Only 4 guys that I'd like to see stay home before the incident

Let's see if I have this right, you went on for pages about how unprofessional and out of place our boat celebration was, yet you defend a crude and vulgar gesture made by the visiting team to a section that most assuredly had children in it?? Wow.

I enjoyed the boat celebration. The players were fined by the league as they should be. Aracki will likely be fined too if there is some evidence he did that. Thats fine too. Not sure whether you even remember who said what on the boat thread. Judging by your standards and defense of the kids I'd say I should have tried to toss 3 or 4 hundred fans minimum yesterday

Bringing up the kids reminds me of he 80's Ticat ad where Mommy turns to the child when she points out somebody said a bad word and says "but the Argos do suck pumpkin"

I was sitting in Bow F row 3. Aracki did make that gesture. I personally didn't take any offence, but not a classy thing to do.

Nope not classy, but I know where it came from.

My standards are that I don't bring my kids to the game to see some punk grabbing his crotch at the crowd or some drunken idiot causing trouble. I don't think my standards are too high. I'm sure there were at least that many who deserved to be pitched, but the point is that he is a player and should know better than that crap.

Not much worse than a sore winner.

Don't confuse understanding with condoning BG.

Sounds like condoning to me.

I can see how you'd think that. The point is the fans earned the rebuke and although its classless to respond in kind its hardly unexpected. If he'd done that while being treated like Wally Buono was he'd have no right to act out

I totally agree. I don't mind if people drink or the odd swearword but yesterdays crowd and Labour Days crowd went too far. Maybe at "big games" you cut alcohol sales off at half time. The CFL is family friendly. Yesterday was far from it. If you want to see drunken bafoonery then go to Buffalo and leave the kids at home.

If an usher has the ability to throw people out, then throw people out. You don't have to justify your actions if their conduct is not deemed to be appropriate. You now have to justify why you didn't toss people out. It's your job to do that. Oh wait, you were too busy watching the game and making notes on every single play than doing your job.

Sorry but I only have the right to report. I can't throw anyone out. The one guy that was tossed ended back in his seat after he climbed over a dozen or so running away from security when they showed up. And I missed more than 1/2 of the game due to buffoonery. It was hardly a walk in the park for me yesterday. I agree the crowd went overboard and have previously stated that I hope it doesn't cost us fans. I also stated I was certain that it has

The crowd yesterday was pretty unruly. Some guy and his kid were beside me and my old man. Beside them were 5 children, in front of us there were more. Behind me guys were drinking, swearing, talking about their sexual escapades, in front of me a couple of guys were smoking. Shows how (in)considerate some people can be.

That's why we sit in the family section at bc place. Although then you have to get out of your seat every 10 min to let people by when the wives/kids have to goto the bathroom or do whatever it is they do.