JoJuan Armour

Released by Calg. for body slamming Copeland during a practice.
Popp tried to sign him last off-season, and I believe he reneged on a verbal agreement and signed with Calg. The Als then signed Hunt.
I always liked Armour`s toughness and he is more suited to MLB than Hunt.
However, I doubt Popp will forgive the snub, Hunt is more or less entrenched, and there is the little matter of Armour having been diagnosed with a heart murmur recently.

I doubt we’ll sign him.

Not only did he snub Popp last year, we’ve already got like a zillion LBs…we released TJ Hill but then moved Chip Cox up to LB so there’s still quite the logjam. For those 2 reasons I don’t anticipate Armour becoming an Al.

However, if he was to come to Montreal, I wouldn’t complain…I’ve always liked the guy…and I agree he’s better suited to MLB than is Reggie Hunt.

This is the second team to dump Armour in 12 months…Good player but Als aren’t in a position where they need to take risks on their roster

I always questioned his attitude, and I think he's proven me right about him, being released for that reason.

Herb thinks Armours departure from Calgary could mean he's coming here. With Hunt on his way out it could very well be true.

Well, like I said, if he comes I would welcome him..............I do think he's better as a natural MLB than what we have on the roster.........but he'd better park the attitude.

I don't think that Armour is on our immediate radar. With Emry as the declared starter it would not be a positive message (confidence builder) to the starter to bring in someone like Armour. They will give Emry the chance to prove he can do the job.No team has moved on Armour, so I think that his negative reputation may be a real issue because he certainly is not lacking in ability. We'll see. The window for Armour in MTL is vanishing. Only way I see it is if Emry tanks...........and I do not think this will happen. :thup: