Jojuan Armour vs Riders

Well, well,well. The Zebra's must have thought JoJuan was still with the Cats on that call!!!!!!

How can a "professional" league have such inept officiating.

Agreed. Absolutely RIDICULOUS that an officiating crew makes that call. Did the ref actually believe Armour hit him ON PURPOSE?

Higgins needs to set an example. Even Ireland should have known better.

I'll bet that big mouth Jojuan yapped off to the ref pre-game or on the previous play about being in the way of his drop. Probably something to the effect of "you better stay out of my way or I will run you over." Then, pushed or not when he ran over that guy, he drew the call. Refs don't make major calls like that for nothing. And, the head linesman wouldn't allow an ejection if it wasn't serious. If you're not on the field it is difficult to know what really happened.

Then soon afterwards Anderson draws a piling on penalty. Boy do I miss those guys and the way they helped the other team so much.

Still completely unacceptable, and this theory wouldnt even hold true... If Armour said something to the ref (On the previous play cause it was the SECOND play of the game), HE wasnt even the official to throw the flag that ejected Armour... Unacceptable from a professional league to let that happen, and when the teams' film come out you will see Gene Makouski (sp?) push him, its an embarrassment to the league and whoever threw that flag should be suspended for it.

horrible call. you can even see amour going over to help the ref after the play.

2nd play of the game i don't think you're "pumped" to nail a ref. ridiculous.
i never liked armour's mouth when he was around here, but unless it's obvious he hit the ref purposely, how in the hell do they assume it was intended? the officiating crew MUST speak up on this and why the ejection was a valid call.

Jake will be severely admonished by Higgins
for not getting his friggin’crew together
and taking some time to be absolutely sure.

As Shultzy said, Jujuan pointed to and
said something to the guy that pushed him

then went over to see if the official was all right.


I doubt he said something disparaging after it happened,
but doesn’t matter he was kicked out for physical assault.

Another typical week in the CFL..great games, lousy officiating.

I hope Higgins owes up to his crews grave mistake on the Armour ejection. How could no one see what really happened???

Why can't the officiating crew take a time out & go under the hood to see what happened?

My Bud Got Railroaded..
Pissed.. that Ref are so Bad here in the CFL.

The NFL Refs are Paid Well and it shows in there Work.
Maybe the CFL Should be Pay Better to get better work from the Refs.

Maybe the ref who got hit should go on a weight loss program so he won't get his fat a$% in the way! :lol:

Usually, I'm not as critical of the officials as many are but that was the worst call I've seen this year.

It wasn't like it was a missed call which can happen or a bad judgement call. This guy blew it big time and he should be held accountable with a fine or suspension.

An Argo-Cat fan

that hole crew should get fined and suspended.

Let's think about this for a second. The back judge is a tough spot. They get hit with the ball, run over by defenders, and caught up in pile-ups all the time. Usually without flags thrown and rarely ever with an ejection. They know it is a dangerous job.

On the play in question, the injured ref was not the one who threw the flag. Another official saw what happened and knew it was wrong. Jake and the team wasted no time in calling an ejection. There was no long meeting on the field, no indecision.

Something happened that maybe we can't see from the replay or at the field level that precipitated this play and the resulting call. I'm willing to bet that it was verbal abuse or threats that made the refs watch just that little bit closer. Look at the way that Jojuan reacted and abused the refs after the call. He's a big mouth and probably got himself thrown out. He has a history of yapping.

I'm willing to wait and find out for sure what happened before I start slagging the league or the refs. I think we all should wait. It makes the fan base look "bush."

None of us can know exactly what happened or was said on the field. Hard to believe Armour would deliberately gas an official; also hard to believe an official would impulsively eject a player on the game's second play, without a good reason. Say what you like about Jake and his treatment of the Tiger-Cats, but he is, by long accomplishment, a man of rules and reason. I can't wait to hear all the sides on this one.

“Big mouth Jojuan”??? Are you serious?? He may have said some things he shouldn’t have AFTER the ejection, but TSN never should have interviewed him so soon after he was ejected. What exactly is it that would cause you to jump to a conclusion like you have?? Why on God’s green earth would Jojuan be dumb enough to something to the ref about being in the way?? As mentioned above it was the second play of the game. Jojuan was not someone who shot his mouth off or got us unnecessary penalties. He was a great asset to the team and I have no idea why you would assume he is at fault here.

The CFL officials are a big joke. They don’t have a clue what the rules of the challenge are and they miss things all the time. This is just another prime example of their ineptitude.

CFL Said It was unwarranted According to Bubba on 6 PM CHCH news

Bubba had no further details except Jujuan
obviously won't be suspended next game.

The only big mouth around here is you! You have no idea what happened. Oh but because he is a former Ticat you gotta start bashing him. I'm so sick of this garbage. Jojuan never did anything but play great football with heart, courage and pride for this team, so shove it!

Ha ha ha! So it would seem that I was wrong. I still think Jojuan is a big mouth and that the ejection was just the result of smouldering resent agianst him. I'm not afraid to admit I'm wrong.

I still think that if Jojuan was such a great "asset" he would still be a Cat. We now see that he was only good because teams ran away from Moreno. He is average at best on the Calgary D. I don't miss him.

And yes I have a big mouth.

Whatever Buddy. I love your logic. Tell that to Flick, Peterson, Smith and a host of others who were shown the door via trades or cuts and have gone on to excel on other teams.

Armour is a great player and we are NOT better off without him.