Jojuan Armour: up and coming superstar?

I haven’t heard too much in the way of BC’s defense, but is it just me or is Jojuan Armour looking really impressive at the beginning of this season? I thought he definitely deserved player of the game at home against Calgary when they gave the honors to Brent Johnson. He’s exciting to watch, and seems to have a lot of intensity.

No doubt Armour looks good so far…his speed at linebacker is obvious and Wally loves speed. Armour’s play was a reason the Leos didn’t rush Carl Kidd back and inserted him in a different role in his return. Kidd is still the man but Armour could be the future. There is no question that, with Simpson, Kidd, Glatt, Armour, and Floyd the Leos strength is at linebacker and is why Ritchie can run the 3-4 defence when he wants to or needs to.