Jojuan Armour still on roster

[url=] ... iew&team=6[/url]

just thought it'd be interesting to point out, no Jermaine Mays yet either

probably cause the site got half nuked, or they just still haven't changed it :expressionless:
edit:just looked and they probably forgot.

Calgary signed Armour for less money than he asked for here, and we traded Mays to Calgary for him. We also got Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earhart from the Grassy Knoll Gang.


I've been saying that for a week now!

Well, even if their names appear (or don’t)…you can be assured that Armour will not be on our opening day roster and Mays MAY be.

That’s the beauty of knowledge. We know things despite what they say on “the net”.

Does anybody know what the story is with Mays? I see him listed on the CFL free agent site with Hamilton but has there been any announcement? :?