Jojuan Armour shows LEADERSHIP

"I asked to be here"!quote

Read..."Ticats vow to be snarling"!

This guy sounds and acts like he has stepped up and taken on a leadership role with the Ticats!

I like what he had to say in todays Spec. and he sounds believable!

He's got my support! :thup: :thup:

As serious as he comes across we behind box J got him to smile last game.I like his attitude too and hope it brushes off on the rest!

Agreed.. He is a Leader we need now more then Ever

IMO Armour and Moreno were the best cats on the field last week. Its good to see an emerging leader!

Moreno did well but He was out of Possession a lot.
He got great Instincts
He just need to learn the CFL Game at MLB
After a Few Games He'll be Great

Is it game time yet? Man I wish Saturday was now!

He is the Armour we need to put on before battle!

I liked the tone, the accountability and the mindset from an obvious leader.

I said it after Saturday night and have been saying it all week, I think Hamilton can and probably will win this Saturday and Jason Maas will have his most productive game as a Ticat.

With this kind of intensity coming fom the defence it should be a terrfic game. Two hungry teams in need of credibility and a win. Man I wish I could go but I cannot, i hope to catch some of it on t.v.

I like Jojuan. I noticed last year in camp that he paid a lot of attention to what other players were doing even when he wasn't on the field and he would give guys a pat on the back when they did something good. He came into camp this year a lot more serious and I think he has what it takes to be a leader on the field and in the locker room

For once a thread where everyone agrees! :slight_smile:

He is a leader and along with the coaches he will hold players accountable for their mistakes.

But can he play Quarterback? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I know of :lol: But I'm sure he will be known for putting a few on their backside :lol: :thup:

Ticat players always talk a good game. That doesn't make you a leader. Let's see if he can go out and actually lead on the field first before any declarations of superiority are met with designation. Until they win a game convincingly, to me they'll still be The Hamilton Talker-Cats.

His comments show that he is taking a leadership position. The first step to becoming a leader is being the one who is vocal off the field.

I for one am glad to see this those who thought we would have a shortage of leadership can see that new leaders always show up.

scotty_dogg, in sports there are two kinds of leaders. Those who talk about it and those who are able to do it. The jury is still out on which one he is. Jalen Rose formerly of the Raptors is an example which comes to mind. He was the biggest back slapper there was when guys were coming off the court but when he got in the games, the Raptors were terrible and were until the very last day of his tenure there.

Armour for PRIME MINISTER !!!!
He is a great ball player (IMO).

Okay first of all a Jalen Rose reference and a Raptor reference in comaprison to the Cats, is like comparing Apples and Oranges.

Jalen Rose was a great talent in the NBA stuck on a garbage Raptor's team for years.

Now on to to the those who do and those who say argument. A ton of people on this board slagged maangement for getting rid of 2 of the leaders in Hitch and Morreale. They did this because they didn't think we had any leadership in the locker room. Ater one game in which Armour had I believe 5 tackles to tie for the team lead, Armour takes a leadership position you're going to slag him because we didn't win, and didn't win convincingly. I'm starting to think that even if this team wins; if it's not by 50 points you will find something that isn't right. A win is a win. If he talks this way, gets another 5 tackles or even just makes a couple of big plays I would easily tag him as a leader on a young team.

While I have to agree with you scotty dog, I'd also like to point out to the forum that I think what Mr Armour said was "beleivable".

I'm looking forward to a well-played, hard fought game. This is our HOME OPENER and I hope we enjoy a BIG TICAT WIN! :rockin:

I believe you hit the jackpot. :wink:

Easy there, boy. I’m not slagging him because we lost or for any other reason. I’m trying to explain my idea of a leader. Which is someone who can support the assertion through demonstration. A true leader is not somebody who plays great. A true leader is someone who inspires or compells others around him to play great. And yes, even if we win by 50 points you have to keep going forward and I’ll always find something not quite right. Until the Tiger Cats attain unto football perfection that’s the way it’s gonna be. Borehamgirl, I’m disappointed.