JoJuan Armour posts on Stamps' locker-room blog

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SO I have Mixed Feelings About this one..
Armour is My Dog and was good Friend when he was here.

When I need a Quote from my Blog or Chat .
The Big Dog Was there..
I Will hope for Ticat Win
But hope for The Big dog to have Great Game

He reminds me of MIke O'Shay - good player at one time - wanted too much money. He got it so let's move on. I hope he gets pancaked at least 25 times.

Armour seems to be a class act wherever he plays. He may have been disappointed to have not been offered a chance to stay here, but it looks like he has no hard feelings and is happy with his present situation. Good luck to him.

Doubtful, he wanted to stay but the personnel people figured they wanted a Canadian at that spot. So calling him an O'Shea is uncalled for and overly harsh that I would not wish on anyone.

He did not sign for that much more in Calgary.

What a horrible comparison. You are DEAD WRONG. He wanted to stay here because it was closer to home nad he loved the fans and was not even made an offer due to some pathetic excuse about the ratio. He signed for less money in Calgary than he was offered in Montreal. IMO this is the biggest mistake we've made since the Tony Miles trade.

Jojuan is a class act. I'm still bitter that he's gone and I wish him all the best. He could have got on there and yapped about the organization and he didn't do that.

We miss you Jojuan.

We miss you Jojuan.
8) So does Zeke !!!!!
I am ARMOUR Fan SO I have Mixed Feelings About this one.. Armour is My Dog and was good Friend when he was here
woof woof :wink:

wow, I was expecting to hear him trash the team or something after oshea comparison. It was more class comments from a guy who enjoyed his time here and has turned the page and enjoying his new team.

I beg to differ armchair. Our defense is missing him. He's a great linebacker in his prime. We picked him up from BC without much fanfare and he became a star here. He's one of the best in the league and we let him go for nothing. I'm still scratching my head on that one. Although, I'm hoping Caulley and Smith run circles around him tomorrow! Casey better keep his eyes peeled too.

Hmmm ... bigger than trading for an injured backup QB from Edmonton at the end of the '05 season?

I always wondered if Obie's willingness to let Armour go was somehow connected to the time they both spent in BC. Obie didn't re-sign him back then, and maybe he's sticking to his assessment of Armour to prove that he wasn't wrong the first time.

Sounds crazy, but no crazier than refusing to even make an offer to one of the only bright spots on your defence.

I wouldn't think Obie would be so stubborn. However, people are people, and IF there was some riff between them I could see Obie not signing him. But I don't want to start a conspiracy theory. It's just baffling though, how you let one of the best players on the team go and pretend that you've filled his spot with a back up who has seen limited action and another back up who has seen no action. Oh, that's right - the ratio.

Taman in winnipeg had this quote the other day about changes and stanford samuels. I would hope that obie is every bit as professional about building the team as taman is and would let bygones be bygones. If there is something more than the ratio to the armour situation then its crap they couldnt put it to rest and play ball. I have no idea, he says its the ratio so I believe him and armour is all class and hasnt bashed anyone. The big dogs bite is way worse than his bark. Lots have left and yapped, I respect him for his class and brains...........he could end up back here sometime. I think taman has class, and if I was a bombers fan I would be glad he has the attitude he does. :
Former Bombers' defensive back Stanford Samuels is one name that has come up as a possible solution and Taman has said any past history between the two sides would not stop him from making the call.

"We're all about winning here," Taman told the newspaper. "If he's the guy we decide that's going to help us win games, I will put my personal agenda aside in a second to do that

Before it was Lancaster.
Now its Obie with agendas.
What a joke.
With brainless, groundless accusations and a team website in which to post them on why would ANYONE want to come here?

Before it was Lancaster. Now its Obie with agendas. What a joke. With brainless, groundless accusations and a team website in which to post them on [b]why would ANYONE want to come here?[/b]
End up here by mistake again zontey03?

Nobody’s made any accusations. People have wondered IF there is another reason other than the one given for Armour’s release.

I don't know if mistake and "bonehead move" fall into the same category, but the worst move I can remember is the Rocky Butler trade.

We gave away two starters (one of them Canadian) in Flick and Smith, and the first pick in the second round of the 2007 draft for an import QB that didn't make it out of training camp, a pick later in the second round and a fifth round pick.

I thought initially it was a lop-sided trade, and against all odds it actually turned out be a worse trade then I thought looking back.

I love Armour as much as the next guy, but losing a guy as a free agent is different than trading him away for nothing.

When you "wonder" about something then go and post it it ends up pretty much the same thing as an accusation.

Proof? evidence? quotes? "Wonder" all you like. Just dont go crying for sympathy and plead innocence when you catch some heat.

Agendas? Pot, meet the keetle.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. That's if you take your own advice.