JoJo Walker

I would love to hear the coaches/GM explain why JoJo is not starting over a washed up Miles and an overrated Scott Mitchell. Heck even P-Rod has been dropping every 2nd pass thrown to him.

In every game JoJo has played this season has anyone seen him drop a single easy pass all season???

Well I’m sure everyone knows that practice roster players can be signed by any team. So all you JOJO fans just need some other team to see the light and sign him. Yawn…with everything that is messed up on this team, it frankly makes no difference if this guy ever takes another snap as a TICAT. He’s done squat to suggest he can be a difference maker. As I’ve said on many occasions its long past time for the CATS to move on and let this guy try and find another home. Seems unlikely he will get an invitation to training camp next year. Not really sure how he made it back this year, but can only assume his personal relationship with Taffe was a big factor…

I think how this started was that the fans are being sold a bill of goods about players being young and needing seasoning and this is an investment to better days. Sitting Jojo and playing Miles doesn't jive with that. Same as saying we are still in the hunt for a playoff spot and then trading a starter for a pick. This organisation is very,very confused.

BTW: There isn't one receiver with maybe the exception of Bauman maybe... that would be picked up by any of the seven other teams.