JOJO to the practice roster

JOJO has made his way all the way to the practice roster. Well at least his legion of fans (all three or four of you) won't have to try and decipher the depth chart this week.

He should be playing but nooo that would make the offence better you can't let that happen.

Stupid move.

i agree., and im not impressed with Miles.

Absolutely ridiculous!

He has caught almost every ball thrown his way, he knows the playbook completely, he has been hammered by defenders and still comes up with the catch and yet he will be riding the pine.

This decision is beyond logic... but then again, I can't figure out the decisions made here anymore.

Has this team lost all capacity to make sound choices towards putting together a winning team?

We knew you would be the 1st person to report this when its a day old.

More crazy things to come!

nova dossnt even know what hes saying half the time. he will bash jo jo and they he will call him decent, but then he sucks again.

In order to lose something you have to had it.

There is no reason to belive this team had the capacity to make sound choices for a VERY long time now.

Don't you guys get it ... he was one of Charlies "boys"

... or he is being rested so we can test out third stringers who may replace him next year!!

Exactly, and even when Charlie was here the guy was in street clothes most weeks...

Now thats a great IDEA!

I cant wait.

this move is BS. while doing some research for a post in a different thread i discovered something very interesting,

JoJo Walker has started in 3 games this those 3 games he has 18 catches for 262 yards....this means he is averaging 6 catches and 83 yards per game.

that means...if he were to start all 18 games he would be on pace for 105 catches for 1507 yards!!!!!!

this guy needs to be starting....