Join the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Labour Day Week Festivities

Hi TiCat, Argo and all CFL Fans!
CFL Fans Fight Cancer is crank'n it up a knotch for Labour Day! Read on and see!

CFL Fans Fight Cancer embraces the Labour Day Classic and the spirit of celebrating the traditions of TiCats, Argo's and CFL Football all the while helping fight cancer in our great city of Hamilton.

Everyone is invited to join CFL Fans Fight Cancer in a bunch a pre and post game activities that celebrate our game and help to "Sack Cancer for the Touchdown of Life!"

In TiCat/CFL Football
Jarrett (read on to see what you can get in on!)

Here's the line up:

Tuesday Morning:
8:30 a.m. Y108's Jodi Gaskell welcomes Box J Boy JareCanada (that's me) into the Y108 FM studio to chat about all the CFL Fans Fight Cancer goings-on around the Labour Day Classic.

Tuesday Night:
Cats on Cable and 3rd Hamilton CFL Fans Fight Cancer spirit-bracelet get-together at Philthy McNasty's on the mountain.

Join your fellow TiCat fans making TiCat Spirit bracelets for the Labour Day Classic. Everyone is welcome to help make the bracelets or make a donation of $5.00 and take a bracelet.

On display will be the Touchdown Atlantic Fire Helmet and the signed TiCat and Argo jerseys going up on eBay on Wednesday.

So...who is coming and who wants a bracelet? :thup:

The CFL Fans Fight Cancer eBay Auction Begins!!!

Bids end on Tuesday, September 6, 2005 @ 10 p.m.

Up for bids is a hand-painted Touchdown Atlantic Commemorative Fire Helmet. This one-of-a-kind collectible was exclusively painted by HalifaxTiCatFan (Stan) for the Touchdown Atlantic CFL Fans Fight Cancer fundraiser in Halifax and was signed by the TiCats. Tigger originally won this helmet at the silent auction in Halifax but has generously donated the helmet back to CFL Fans Fight Cancer in hopes that it will raise even more money.

We also have replica TiCat and Argo jerseys donated by Reebok Canada and signed by the teams!!!

Bid high and bid often! As usual, all the money raised will go to our designated Hamilton/Toronto cancer charities.

eBay links to the auction will be put here on 13th Man,, and our website

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…rest up for GAME DAY!!!!

Monday ... the Labour Day Classic is on!!!
Join CFL Fans Fight Cancer and Lisa’s Beads, the originators of the spirit bracelet, at the Box J Boys tailgate party in Lot J to get your very own TiCat or Argo Spirit Bracelet and see the Fire Helmet and Reebok jerseys that are on eBay.

CFL Fans Fight Cancer eBay auction closes at 10 p.m. A fitting end to an amazing week of celebrating the Canadian Football League and fighting cancer!

Everyone is welcome to Philthy's, the Box J Boy tailgate party and to bid on the eBay auction. Let's Sack Cancer for the Touchdown of Life in our Great Community

Who's comin'?


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As promised. Here's the links to the CFL Fans Fight Cancer eBay auction.

Fire Helmet eBay Link:

[url=] ... dZViewItem[/url]

Benefactor: The 3 charities listed below.

Toronto Argo Jersey Link:

[url=] ... dZViewItem[/url]

Benfactor: Toronto Wellspring Cancer Support Centre

TiCats Jersey Link:

[url=] ... dZViewItem[/url]

Benefactor: Juravinski Cancer Centre for research and Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre to help Hamilton kids and their families during such an incredible time.

To everyone who bids or gets a bracelet on Labour Day, thank you for stepping up and fighting cancer in your community.