Join the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Climb for Cancer on May 11th!

The Climb for Cancer benefitting the Juravinski Regional Cancer Centre is being held again at the Chedoke stairs and Rail Trail is Saturday May 11th!
CFL Fans Fight Cancer has a team in the 1 hour stair climb at 12:00 noon and a team participating in the 5 km walk at 10:30 a.m.

We are also hosting our annual First Tailgate of the Season, Sausage and Hot Dog BBQ at the event!
[b]To participate it's just a $20 entry fee with option of getting more pledges. Yes, 20 bucks is all it takes to participate!
Everyone is invited to join the CFL Fans Fight Cancer teams or make your own team and climb or walk with us!
Here's the link:[/b]

Let's start the CFL year off by kicking cancer right through the uprights and honour those who have dealt with this disease by staying healthy and celebrating their bravery together!

See you at the Climb/Walk or come by the CFLFFC Tailgate for hot dog or Wally Parr Sausage! :rockin:
Thanks again to the Ticat Fan Community for your amazing support.
Jarrett Harris
Founder CFL Fans Fight Cancer

Super Jare, hope to get there as last year with the wife as a "hot dog and drink eating" participant. :wink:

Shouldn’t the date read: Saturday, May 11th ?? … (or is it actually on the Friday, the 10th?)

If one thing I am is consistent with typo's! S*&T!
Thanks Tom-t, yes everyone it is Saturday May 11th!
Not Friday the 10th! :roll:
Thanks for the correction and we hope you join us.
This just confirmed there will be Ticat players doing the 5km walk at 10:30 and the members of the cheerteam doing the Climb at noon. Remember it's only $20 to participate and all proceeds go to Juravinski Regional Cancer Centre!
See you on Saturday, May 11th!

A bump for the Saturday, May 11th Climb/5 km Walk.
Come and climb or walk with the Cats. It's only $20.00 your money supports Juravinski Cancer Centre and you get a Dry Fit shirt and water bottle to boot! Or support us with a pledge or by cheering the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Team on at the climb! :rockin:

This just in...let's go for a walk...or help us who are walking.
The Ticats players will be taking part in the walk! Go for a Rail Trail stroll with the boys!
Join us or pledge the CFL Fans Fight Cancer Walkers at this link:

[url=] ... Pref=en-CA[/url]