Join Our Live Chat During The CFL Draft On Sunday

Tiger-Cats fans are invited to follow Sunday’s CFL Canadian Draft on with a live chat beginning at 12pm.

After the draft, Ticats Assistant General Manager and Director of Player Personnel Joe Womack will join the chat to answer your questions.

The draft begins at 12:30pm. TSN will broadcast the first two rounds of the draft while the final four rounds will be available on

The Ticats possess six selections in this year's draft:

1st round – Pick 5 (5th overall)
3rd round – Pick 4 (20th overall)
3rd round – Pick 5 (21st overall)
5th round – Pick 2 (33rd overall)
5th round – Pick 5 (36th overall)
6th round – Pick 5 (44th overall)

Here's Alberta's Kent Ridley ( a long time member of also) on the Fan 590 about the CFL draft

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PS.....while you're at it, check out Kent's wife Jessica and her current hit single "Flaming Red" which is sweeping the USA and Canada right now

(perhaps get her down for a half-time show) ? :wink: 8)

I wouldn’t mind seeing Obie trade our first for a couple seconds and then roll the dice on a couple of the highly ranked NCAA OLineman.

Our live draft day chat is now live! Join us this afternoon using the link below:

I want to thank everyone who Help with Draft Chat Yesterday
It was informative and Great Fun

Thank again already looking forward to Next years draft.