Join My Annual Super Bowl World Championship Boycott

How can someone ( Argo T or myself ) rob something from himself of something he knows he does not have any interest in ?

I understand Argo T's reasoning the NFL hype is sickening but I wish the CFL would learn something when I see the NFL . One is Brady playing for one team and one coach all these years is great to see . The turn over in the CFL disappoints me as a fan .

I also would like to see our championship played with 9 hopefully 10 teams vying for the Grey Cup and not how we insist on a archaic train travel system employed decades ago which is not relevant . The best teams need to host the play off games in the CFL they earned that right .

Lastly when I hear changing to move the season up a month because of cool weather in November we look like pansies when the NFL hosted playoffs in Philadelphia and Boston in late January . Glad to see the dome teams are now 0 for 13 when playing in cold weather games outdoors in conference finals .

Long live the Bears , Browns , Bills and Packers who tough it out in the cold weather .

OK Hank the debate about what months to play can go on and on.

The reality is we need to consider game attendance .

You use the term pansies, but the fact is sitting in the cold or wind for 3 or 4 hours in November just does not appeal to all fans.

Its a mistake to change it will not bring anymore fans . Just look at the attendance . The warmer months in Calgary brought no more fans . Any less attendance may have to do with the games being meaningless in October . This league has been around long enough to fix things properly . The season in November has been a life saver . The moving the season up is a ridiculous argument . Ottawa sold out a hockey game in minus 20 weather in December at Grey Cup prices . The team claiming to want it the most the Riders lead attendance . This move will cost the CFL its one shining spot light the month of November .

How the H does moving the season up help the three big cities who are averaging the worst attendance ? If people are not attending in June or July how does May help them improve attendance . And yes if CFL fans are too soft next to their NFL counterparts in January it makes us supposedly tough CFL northern people look like freakin pansies compared to them .

Having sat in the cold and snow for one lousy game once in awhile is not a big deal and it's not always that bad out in November . Put a roof covering spectators on McMahon and use some wind blockers ad billboards to cut down the wind and it will make a big difference .

We shouldn't even be having this discussion this is a CFL tradition that actually works in favour of the league . You don't hear the NFL changing their schedule up . They play in terrible conditions in December and January in many northern cities without domes .

I happened to turn on the TV with 10 mins left in the Vikes/Saints game. My wife asked why and I said I used to be a Vikes fan(for a few years). She sat and watched with me and then left. Why ? Because she said it was BORING. And it was ! Until they flubbed coverage and let the Vikes win there was very little to be excited about....I actually watched the Vikes/Eagles game. Guess what ? BORING.
I am with ArgoT and B88. The massive amount of hype only keeps showing how unexciting the NFL really is. I stopped watching many years ago but I never stopped watching the CFL, Why ? Because of the excitement.
I am not criticizing those who do follow the NFL. These are just my reasons for not watching. As for the SB, I don't really care. I may turn it on, just out of curiosity or boredom, or I may not. The NFL may have the best football players in the world but the game is just too slow for my liking. My son is a big fan and I've tried to watch with him, to no avail.

PS. I would take any NFL game over MLB, soccer and especially basketball.

The turn over in the CFL disappoints me as a fan .
Hank01, I prefer blueberry ones, what's your preference? ;) But really, it can easily be said in other leagues and sports that free agency disappoints fans when a player bolts for another team when he can. Anthony Calvillo played for many years with the Als, Pinball Clemons another with the Double Blue and there are many examples of players sticking with one team for many years but people just want to seem to perpetuate the image that this is never the case in the CFL. And that is disappointing.

The hype is extreme in the US and NFL etc - because it works.
Cost of SuperBowl ads etc keep increasing, so that means their value or worth keeps going up to the sponsors and advertisers. In politics, hype layered over top of the issues - elected the current president down there, we must keep in mind.

The NFL does the hype because the hype is effective. Over the years when we had the connections and attended 2 SuperBowls - we enjoyed the week long hype and events leading up to the big games. Huge fan events and massive, fun marketing campaigns aimed at the fans. Concerts, etc lots of spectacle. Was great.

Fans become engaged. It works.

Is it May yet??

Of course the hype is meant to pad the corporate coffers and Americans, much more than Canadians, see sport as almost a religion and at the same time an extension of American power, wealth and "war-like" army, navy etc. We don't have that mentality here.

I wonder if this year's SB will be around 80 percent corporate tickets and the remainder for the everyday type fans? Who knows. It's a corporate schmooze fest that works, no doubt about it, corporations buy-in big time. Not so much the case with the Grey Cup here.

$66,500 can buy you a ticket to the game. Ok, that's a very high priced ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:

Want to See the Patriots Play the Eagles in Super Bowl LII? Tickets Run As High As $66,500

We might not like the excessive hype of the NFL - but there is no denying - it works.

Even though playoff ratings were down from previous years the games this past weekend were still the most watched program of any kind on TV since last year's Super Bowl.

Something like 6 of the last 8 Super Bowls have been outstanding and exciting games. As a football fan - glad I was watching. And sorry ArgoT - but I will be watching 12 days from now. Go Eagles!

I don't know Pat, it's not that people dislike the hype I would say, it's more of just telling the truth, the SB itself is more about the hype than just about anything else in sports at the major level. This type of SB "hype" you don't see in MLB, NBA or the NHL, it's just not there, the same type and degree of hype.

Of course the CFL being a domestic league with what are regarded as not the best players, can not hope to achieve this type and degree of hype in this age where Canadians now are exposed to far more American influence with digital technology and information compared with the old days when Canadians didn't have this exposure to American influence.

Everyone today wants to think they are a Tom Brady celebrity mega-millionaire SB champ.

Here is some good info on how the ticket distribution works and how one can get reasonably priced tickets to SuperBowl:

  1. Super Bowl teams share 35% (17.5% each, majority given to season ticket holders & players)

  2. Host team gets 6.2% (majority distributed to season ticket holders)

  3. Remaining 28 teams share 33.6% (1.2% for each team distributed to players, media, partners etc)

  4. NFL retains 25.2% (tickets are typically sold to partners, media, and sponsors)

I’m not so sure that’s an accurate statement. The vast majority of fans we rubbed shoulders with at a SuperBowl week and it’s events and game - were average joe season ticket holders and NFL fans who worked hard to acquire their tickets via their channels or connections in order to take in the big event. Nobody was trying to act above their level - that we could see. No one we hung around with anyways.

With every NFL game or event we’ve attended over the years, I must say that the average NFL fan there at the pregame tailgating or in the stands nearby - was friendlier and more inclusive with us than most CFL fans are. Us CFL fans can learn a lot about encouraging outsiders

Glad to hear that iconic. I know that I did meet some very nice Americans way back when when I attended some NFL games in Detroit and Buffalo. Super people and glad the average joe is able to obtain SB tickets as you say. Some even knew what the CFL and Grey Cup are! I certainly found some of the Americans I met far more cordial than some Canadians, that's for sure.

We met a Seahawks fan in Phoenix who attends every SuperBowl. He lives in Seattle, is a Seahawks season ticket holder, and was with his family and extended family for the game in Phoenix in 2015. Was crushed with the loss, obviously lol. Anyways, their family is spread all over the US so they use the SuperBowl as their annual family vacation/reunion and all of them meet in the Super Bowl host city for a week of family and Super Bowl activities. Long time tradition. All are season ticket holders in the various cities they reside and that’s their access point to tickets that are affordable. In 2015, he secured his block of tickets way up in the upper bowl corner - for under $800 each. Not a bad seat in the house. Our tix were promo tix thru a sponsor via work so we didn’t pay face, but face was $1200 for those

One thing the NFL marketing campaign did extremely well is market the NFL as Family . The CFL should copy cat this marketing campaign it is extremely well received . This story above is another example of love and loyalty above the game itself . It like many other events is the excuse or backdrop to a family gathering .
Wonderful theme to otherwise greedy event .

I will not join the boycott... I enjoy both leagues, but prefer CFL. A good excuse to go have a few pints with friends, and enjoy the game.

All this SuperBowl talk is really ratcheting up the anticipation for me too

BTW - boycott is sexist.