Join My Annual Super Bowl World Championship Boycott

Yes here we are again, 2 nauseating weeks of overhype nonsensical verbiage about this TV event which for some of us is not.
I have not watched now for probably close to 20 odd years and again have no interest.
At least this year with the viewership numbers tanking, you would think the American media machine will not quote the billion(s) of people reportedly watching world wide. Boy what nonsense?
I have my own personal reasons for not watching, such as the CFL is the only league providing an unbelievable sporting event and no better example each and every year like our GC game.
Anyway, will likely watch a movie, maybe read a book or heck watch again the GC.
Give me your reasons and what you will do instead.
Confirm your pledge to join!

it just doesn't matter

Good luck with that. Not sure exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.
Does anyone get a ribbon? If there are ribbons I might join.

Ribbons for non existent achievements are all the rage these days.

You’re on a football forum as a supposed football fan, asking other football fans to ignore the biggest football event in the world? It sounds like you just want to be a general, directing us lemmings.

Question: If you’ve ignored it for 20 years, how do you even know what it is you’re boycotting?

That’s like saying “I’ve never tried quinoa, but I hate quinoa. Please join me in boycotting it.?

Sorry ArgoT, not joining the boycott.

Looking forward to the Superbowl in two weeks and let the hype begin.

...not sure what the purpose of this thread serves, abject public hatred of one league does not somehow bolster the other...just be indifferent about it, much better on your blood pressure...

My family has its Super Bowl party during the afternoon so I guess we have a Super Bowl pregame party, which usually involves watching hockey, college basketball, or the Puppy Bowl. Some leave before the game, some stick around. Last year everybody was sick and miserable so the party broke up early. I really could have cared less about the game so I watched the Air Disasters marathon on Smithsonian Channel. I don't know what I'll be doing on the 4th, maybe I'll watch, maybe I will not. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

...the Puppy Bowl?

what the heck did you put in the dip?

Completely agree it's overhype all the way but that's the way pro sports is. The game itself is just another excellent football game. But you have to feel for the NFL knowing the Super Bowl is no where near the world spectacle of pro sports compared with soccer's World Cup. And as time goes on, the World Cup will get bigger while anything to do with gridiron including the Super Bowl, Grey Cup etc. will become less relevant "football wise" IMHO.

For myself, I simply don't find watching soccer that enjoyable, I don't understand the game from an entertainment aspect and didn't grow up with it and find how it's organized extremely convoluted, but man I'm in a huge minority group that thinks like this world-wide. Gridiron football has very tough times ahead.

it can be quite entertaining watching the puppy push its bowl all around the kitchen as it eats :slight_smile:

You’ve never seen the puppy bowl??

It’s really quite cute. They put a bunch of puppies on a miniature football stadium, turn them loose and make a TV show out of it.

As for the dip at last year’s party. I didn’t eat it and that’s probably why I didn’t get sick.

... never heard of it, off to youtube I guess...

The NFL really does need to go to a larger more professional sized field than the toy miniature variety they use, that I will agree with. The field size is like an 8 foot or less basket for kids basketball.

Last year was one of the best SuperBowl parties and games we ever had. Half the group who were Patriot fans were basically acting like they had won it before the game even began, then were pouting like crazy at the Falcons lead and seemingly potential victory, while the Falcons fans were then cheering like they already won it. Talk about mood swings in the room. Then the poop hit the fan and the Pats turned it on to make it one of the most thrilling NFL games I’ve ever seen.

Last few SuperBowl games have been very entertaining, IMO.

NFL Super Bowl ?

Never heard of it.

I have my CFL Grey Cup

I have my AFL Grand Final Premiership.

Of course I do want Spring Football to return.

Is there a 3rd league I do not know about ?

I am with you on this Argo T.

Serious, for myself football ends in November.

Awesome b88, welcome to our little group.
As for the rest enjoy the game.

That's not the point.
I have chosen to swim against the current and frankly there are some who are drinking the kool aid big time, cannot think for themselves and have fallen into this mindset.
Everyone has to watch after all it's the big game?? That's nonsense.
For me football starts in June and ends in November.
It's nice to know there are other people who are not in this small way, what I call anti Canadiana.

then there are those of us who CHOOSE to watch because we find it ENTERTAINING.

A football fan boycotting watching the SuperBowl is like boycotting a Barrett Jackson pristine car auction - because you don't like Fords.

You're only robbing yourself.