Join my annual Super Bowl boycott

Yes regrettably it's that time of year.
The two weeks of annual crap, over the top "world championship" coverage here in the wannabee US capital and maybe even some other places in the country?
Like last year where we had a few pledge allegence to the CFL, by raising your right hand and swearing you will not watch the TV coverage on Sunday.
Instead like me curl up with a good book, rearrange the sock drawer or frankly please be creative and fill in the blank, _________________, by telling me your plan for the day.
The bottom line let's have more here join our cause.

No can do ArgoT.

"pledging allegiance to the CFL" has nothing to do with the NFL.

I will be watching the SB and looking forward to it all next 2 weeks.
I will even be watching the pro bowl, just to get some kind of in between fix.

and so in closing, I respectfully decline you invitation to join your SB boycott

signed, football, any football, you bet

Not the answer I want, so far disappointing to say the least.
Real men play three downs!

Sorry ArgoT - but I've already received two Super Bowl Party invites from friends here in Hamilton and one from friends in Toronto. Looks like I will be joining some Argos season ticket holders in Toronto on February 7th to watch the Super Bowl.

:thup: :thup:

I won't be drinking the Kool-aid either. I have a bunch of tv shows and movies pvr'd, and that will be as good a time to catch up on them.

sometimes I miss koolaid.

I have no idea what decade I last drank some.

Maybe I will get me some for SB sunday.

Awesome rcon, welcome.
Let's pass the word to family and friends.
I know all of my family does not watch the crap.
Yes we have many koolaid drinkers here masquerading as CFL true blue fans.
Sometimes i wonder?

So in order to be a fan of the CFL one cannot watch or enjoy the NFL?
sorry i cannot commit to your boycott because i am involved in another boycott

I promise to turn the channel if its Cam Newton raising the SB Trophy? good?

I can't boycott something wasn't planning on watching anyway. Winter is already to short and I am not giving up a day of skiing for the sake of someone else's sports championship. Enjoy the game for all those watching, but honestly, I have something better to do.

That's great we are picking up steam as 3 dedicated posters have pledged.
Let's hear 4, do I have 5, is 6 far away?

Keep plugging away ArgoT.

About half the country hasn't watched the NFL play-offs so far (- the other half of us - 17 million - have watched according to Numeris and Bell Media) - so I'm sure some of those who have not watched the play-offs so far will not watch the Super Bowl either. :slight_smile:

Travel I will keep plugging away and you keep like a previous poster has said by drinking the kool aid big time.

what do you have against kool aid??

ArgoT. I haven't had kool-aid in years. I can't even remember what my favourite flavour/colour is. Maybe grape?

As for watching NFL play-off games this season - just like watching CFL games - I often enjoy having a couple of beers or a glass of wine as I watch the game - and a few of the NFL play-off games this season (like Cardinals/Packers, Steelers-Broncos, Pats - Broncos, Seahawks - Vikings) were tight competitive games worthy of an extra drink or two - because they kept me glued to the TV right to the very end - just like the Renegades - Ti-Cats EDF did back in November.

Some of the other games (like the Chiefs blanking the Texans 30 - 0 or the Panthers route of the Cardinals Sunday - not so much. Those very much reminded me of trying to watch the 35 - 9 Calgary route of BC in the WDSF.

Pretty much the same type of experience considering how similar the games are between the two leagues these days.

Plan for the day-meet friends at our favorite Sports Bar, have a few beers, some wings and watch the Super Bowl!

Don't forget the kool aid!

Your the only one crazy enough for that.

The above quote is the #1 answer for this non useless thread by ArgoT