Join in the JCC Climb Against Cancer

Hello Everyone:
JareCanada giving you the heads up the a CFL Fans Fight Cancer team made up of Ticat fans will be entering the Ron Lancaster Memorial poriton of the Juravinski Cancer Centre's Climb for Cancer,
We're inviting you to enter a team on your own or support the TiCats CFLFFC's team entry

This is TiCat Fans Chapter of CFL Fan's Fight Cancer's annual season kick off of fundraising against cancer and fans from across the league as well as us here in Hamilton will be helping battle this disease and support the individuals and their families who have been touched with cancer in communities across Canada.

Donate Directly:
Any donation is appreciated and you can donate directly to JCC on line you'll immediately get a tax receipt as well as JCC's and CFLFFC -TiCats Fan Chapters sincere thanks. As well as the satisfaction that you've helped friends and family in your community fight this disease.

BTW: Yep we were the people on Ticats TV last year, and I was the guy who was winded and with ice packs on my knees talking to the Here's a pic of us finishing the first round of stairs

We hope to see you on the 15th of May or see your donation!

Note CFLFFC cancer will be hosting a post climb event, location to be announced in the upcoming days.

Thanks for being part of CFL Fans Fight Cancer helping Hamilton
Jarrett Harris
Coordinator and Founder of CFL Fans Fight Cancer

Support your TICAT FANS Climbing for Cancer,CFLFFL- CFL Fans Fight Cancer - Climb for Cancer 2010
Match My Donation(100.00), or just Donate for the cause

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CFL Fans Fight Cancer Climbers are:
Randy Newman
Adam McGrath
James MacInnis
Jarrett Harris

[url=!/event.php?eid=108484579174727]!/eve ... 4579174727[/url] :rockin:

Let the friendly reminder bumps begin.
Every donation helps fellow Hamiltonian's battle cancer. :thup:

CFL Fans Fight Cancer just received an invitation to come and see the new Wellwood building.
This is the building we've been help fund raise for for the past couple years.

Thank you to everyone who has generously supported our game day efforts. Your giving has given you
a stake in the new Wellwood Cancer Support Centre.

Be proud Ticat Fans, be very proud!


My girlfriend and I are interested in joining possibly with a few friends, we're wondering how exactly this works. Are you only able to do either the climb or 5km walk or can you participate in as many of the activities as you'd like? If you join as a team for the competitive part how does that work?