Im suprised there is no JOHNSON threds. considering he led the D with 11 tackles! Not to shabby considering he was added not to long ago! I think he also brings the best or beats out in floyd as well good signing!

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I was not aware starting a thread about a new Ti cat doing well was a spam. Alot of people on this forum are very judgemental, sorry I'm not aware of the do and do nots of you forum vet's. If me trying to start a topic on Johnson and his well played game is a spam. Ill be more then willing to close it down and delete it if thats possible!
None the less on special teams I saw Johnson making good tackles, as well as making alot of good tackles. And making people pay for catching the ball! Next week he will know the playbook much better and I'm looking forward to seeing that he has to contribute to our D

You didn't "get it" obviously.......I'm not about to get into the other meaning of "Johnson"

Your post was fine! worries!

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What makes his 11 tackles even more amazing is that he is the weak side LB. To get 11 tackles from that position in one game takes a lot of hustle and heart.

Why is it harder to rack up a large number
of tackles on the weak side, Zenstate?

Is it because fewer plays are run to the weak side?

or is it something else?

Its called weak side for a reason.. yes fewer plays go that way. 11 tackles means he is very strong in moving laterally on the field. That is a skill that is more important in the CFL than the NFL. I saw him on the strong side helping out all game.

He was nothing short of amazing out there Friday, everyone has to remember, he only had a couple days to learn what he could about our play book. Granted linebacker is not as hard to learn the plays as say receiver, quarterback, or running back… But he still had to become familiar with it as quickly as possible…

The hustle and determination we saw from Johnson is just an indication of what kind of player we have on our defense…

Put it this way… Johnson is on pace for a 187 tackle season… :lol: :thup:

One thing i LOVED about him, was the fact that he made DARN well sure that if he wasn't the first to the tackle, he lowered the boom. and made sure the guy with the ball KNEW who hit him. With having a big hitting LB like Hitchcock was at safety if strikes fear into the WR's and gives them the case of T-Rex arms, making them afraid to open up there body to make the catch! I'm liking the direction Obie is steering our ship! I just realized how Young out D line is, they will get nothing but better ladies and gents !

As much as I noticed him during the game while it was airing live, I was surprised how involved he was as I watched the game a second time. He was in on so many plays. He seemed to be everywhere. What instinct, anticipation and range!

Simply amazing.