Johnson wants to play with broken arm

Johnson Figures He Can Play With a Broken Arm

Anyone else read this article? I don't know. To me this doesn't sound like the brightest idea.

Another injury for RLR to complain about... one of the best linebackers is playing hurt.. :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not?
I hear Gass is gonna play with a broken Johnson! :lol:

Now that you mention it, RLR keeps going on about how the Lions are far superior. If that’s true, this guy could probably play with two broken arms! :lol:

I can’t wait until next week when hopefully this issue will be forgotten about. :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes Cheif, I read that article today in the Province. Maybe the arm is boken in a place that it can be wrapped safely.

Seems risky to me.

I agree, Sport, and with the injuries the Lions have right now, is it really worth it?

It's not worth it, rest him and rest the other wounded Leos. Banks probably won't play this week either, and Simmons is for sure out. Marsh too.

There's very few players in this league that are better than their backups with the use of one arm.

I think it would be smart for him to rest up and come back healthy.

...AND APPARENTLY....Bucky wants to play with a bad wrist and...sore ribs.....ouch...if Walls ,Simpson or Canada gets a hold of him....could see Jurious pretty quick.....on the other hand Buckys been resting up for a spell....he could come out and destroy a suspect Bomber secondary.....Johnson playing with a broken wing doesn't sound too smart....but playing with a broken that would be painful....good one ro13....just about choked on my beer when i read that one.... :lol: :lol:

Papa are any of your missing secondary going to return this weekend?

RLR what about Richard SImmons he has a groin pull. You know Richard Simmons the guy that helps the team do their exercises. :lol: :lol: :roll:

...yup MadJack....Daven Bush says he's ready to go....otherwise its the same secondary that Maas picked apart........Marshal ...Bombers 'd' coach was not happy all week and had some heavy duty practice sessions....he says they have to be better....yup..... :roll:

It'll be the battle of wounded secondaries. Who do you guys have out right now in your backfield?

Looks like Korey Banks is out for another game, as is Dante Marsh.

Dave Dickenson - Concussion
Dante Marsh - MCL tear, out till October 4th
Otis Floyd - Abdominal strain
Tony Simmons - Plantar Fasciitis
Korey Banks - Ankle strain
Sebastian Clovis - Knee
Markeith Knowlton - Broken finger
Sherko Haji-Rasouli - Shoulder
Jamal Johnson - Broken left arm
Buck Pierce - Strained toe

If Bush plays, sounds like he will, Malbrough and Bean are still out.

are you old enough to know what a broken record is?

I haven't listed all those injuries before. Besides, that post was not intended for you, it was for Papazoola just so he knows what his team is up against.

I asked what injuries his team has. Any on offence?

Defence you have Bean and Malbrough out?

I like both Bean and Malbrough, good solid players.

Hey, hey, hey. You can't add Johnson to that list. He wants to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love all the Lions, but Jamall Johnson is definitely my favourite. Cam Wake and Arron Hunt are up there as well. Jamall has been making waves in his first year as a starter. Get well soon.