Johnson vs. Flutie

I surprised no one has brought up this comparison earlier. The big young prototypical QB (Johnson/Porter) who tends to be indecisive and holds on to the ball too long. Then there is the veteran (Flutie/Glenn) who is confident and is willing to push the ball down field.

I still think Porter has a good chance to be a real good QB in this league. He seems to have the mental make up to get through this and be a better QB in the future. Something I don't think Rob Johnson had. Let's just hope Glenn can put us in the play-offs and give us an opportunity to win.

Please leave out the part where the story ends with "the music city miracle".

Go Cats!

Quinton Porter is no Rob Johnson. Not by a long shot.

It's amazing how a couple of sub-par games erases all vestiges of the good ones.

What you have in Hamilton is an experienced CFL QB ( who is not Flutie by any stretch of the imagination) and a rookie, for all intents and purposes. This has been a common dynamic throughout football history. I don't see the Johnson/Flutie comparison at all

Rob Johnson played 1 good game for Jacksonville before getting injured the season before he signed with the Bills and being given the starters job to lose in the pre-season. Going 20 of 24 for 294 yards and 2 touchdowns and ran for 31 yards. Sounds pretty similar to me.

I never said Glen was Flutie but NFL-Flutie is different than CFL-Flutie and as many on here have said (and AB3) the team seems to rally around Glenn.

Maybe it's just me but Glenn kind of has a similar throwing motion to flutie.

I see what you're saying.

I think the whole Johnson/Flutire thing was ugly and harsh which is nothing like what's going on here.

I can't believe any comparisons are being made between the two situations -- or the players themselves.

"Surprised", really?
maybe no one has brought it up because no one is interested in an inaccurate, 10 year old analogy from another league that's being clumsily used to start the one hundred and fortieth Porter vs. Glenn thread.

I'm not going to talk about Porter vs Glenn here, enough threads on that already. But in terms of Johnson and Flutie when they were with the Bills, had Ralph Wilson not been so biased agains't Flutie, I think the Bills would have gone to the SB if they stuck with him, altered their offense for his skill set and size. But they didn't, Ralph listened to some whiny receivers saying Flutie couldn't get the ball downfield far enough blah, blah, blah and they went with Johnson, an inferior qb as we all know now, instead of tweaking their offensive scheme. Bad decision there Ralphy.

No need to be a prick. Or is it impossible for you not to be. Just thought forums where a place for discussion.

Every other Glenn/Porter thread is either an attack on Porter or an I told you so about Glenn right now.

I live in Victoria. I don’t really get to chat with any Tiger-Cat fans out here. Hell, CFL fans are hard to come by.

These forums and Drew’s Blog are my only way of keeping up with my Cats. I wish I could block out all the negativity, whining and attacks on people, but frankly there would be nothing to read.

As much as most of the junk on here bugs me I don’t have much of a choice. I’m a TiCat Junkie.

To all the reasonable fans out there who make weeding through this tolerable. You know who you are.


Can't take criticism? Dont post.

Thanks goof.

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No comparison at all ...

It's amazing how a couple of sub-par games erases all vestiges of the good ones. But You are only as good as your last game ..

Go Cat's Go ...