Johnson’s contentious tweets draw attention


[i]Alouettes receiver Chad Johnson’s busy on Twitter. That’s no secret – whether he’s active or injured ... Last Friday, Johnson’s honesty came through again on his account (@ochocinco), when he spoke about disciplining three of his daughters and using physical force. Indeed, Johnson proclaimed he whipped them.

“My daughters get whippings & cursed out, too. I live in a black household & our kids don’t listen, so cursing and a**whippings are necessary,? he wrote.

... He returned to practice on Monday and was unrepentant during a brief interview with

“Yes, I whup my kids’ ass,? he admitted. “You don’t?

“My mom whupped my ass,? he added. “The funny thing is I’m not the disciplinarian. I let the moms do it. But that’s the way I tweet … unfiltered. That’s just the way I am.?[/i]

Bye bye Chad.

Misère! Quel ornithocéphale!

And then we're surprised when a guy like that is found guilty of assaulting his wife. If you think physical violence is acceptable for disciplining your children, it's a small step from there to beating up your wife for the heinous crime of not listening. :roll: :thdn:

What a waste of oxygen. Can't believe we're paying this guy to do squat in an Als uniform.

I was OK with giving him a chance at TC, but I don't think he played his way onto the team, or played well enough to stay on the game day active roster.

Now, j'ai complètement eu mon voyage.

That is frankly disgusting talk coming from a father. I hope the Als give him his walking papers soon.

He hasn't shown an ability to help the team on the field.. that's why I'd want him gone.
Then again, given the QB's he's had to deal with I could understand them wanting to see him with Crompton at the helm before giving him the boot. Would also like to see some better WR options brought in as well, just cutting him won't help if we don't have better talent to put in his place.

With Carter & potentially Green soon gone, add JR who just left and Johnson likely not here for very long.. we need to find the guys we're going to want to count on next season, because it's already more about next season than this one as far as I'm concerned.

Whipping can mean different things, assuming he meant spank and didn’t actually take a strap to his daughters I would says that different cultures have different ways of raising their kids. I’ve spanked my boys twice (once each) and It was because they had put their lives in danger. There was two things they understood they would be spanked for them growing up. Don’t disrespect your mother and don’t don’t do it again for (serious issues). To this day (25 years) they’ve never, ever been anything but kind and loving to their mom. :thup:

Frankly I don’t know why people put their personal life on Twitter all the time like that and if he really felt like he needed a “weapon” to discipline his kids well he’s an A hole ???

Justement. Et ni les Alouettes, ni la LCF n’ont besoin de ça.

Seems like Popp really wants to try and keep a high profile for the CFL/Alouettes/himself in the US.. first by bringing in multiple US coaches with no CFL experience, then pursuing high-profile ex-NFLers like Smith, Johnson, pursuing Tebow, etc.
In the case of Trestman it worked out magnificently, since then not at all.

Johnson was just the latest.

I really don't care that he tweets all day, and I agree child discipline are handled differently in different cultures so I didn't lose my mind over his tweets on the subject.

At the end of the day, if he can't help the team on the field.. he has to go. What I cannot live with is someone making, and staying, on the team for PR purposes. Especially not when you're 1-7.

Took two years for Steagall to master the CFL line of scrimmage. We can't expect him to do it in half a dozen games, especially with the freak show going on with the coaching staff. I still think Johnson could become a playmaker this fall. Anyway it isn't like we have anyone else behind him with Gillard and Bowling out for the rest of the season...

Crompton seems to throw a fast (heavy?) ball; Johnson may have more background/success with such artillery.

That said, he will have to be outstanding for me to not now feel that on balance he is better gone.

I just picked up on Facebook that a NFL regular, now on suspension, is verbalizing a desire to play his suspended year in the CFL. A bad apple is a bad apple whatever the league. I have read on this Forum that there is tension in the Als camp. Every team Chad has played for has struggled with tension. Not too surprising their might be such now with the Als. I am not impressed with someone who uses jailhouse slang in a tweet who describes beating a youngster.

[i]Un ornithocéphalus! Johnny irait plus loin en disant que c’est un POS. :thdn:


La LCF a confirmé dans les heures qui ont suivi la nouvelle que ce joueur n’était pas éligible à jouer dans notre ligue. Les règlements l’interdisent car il est sous le coup d’une suspension.

Its because he’s under contract.

The CFL doesn`t respect an NFL suspension, only an NFL contract.

[url=] ... uspension/[/url]

As for Johnson, can we allow him to spank his head coach next time he does something stupid?

Merci de la nuance, Sheldon. :thup:

[i]Well Chad Ocho Klinko Johnson had another stellar game! A big zero catches! That's a grand total of 4 catches for half a season!

Chad Ocho Klinko only needs 157 more catches in the remaining 9 games to beat Derrell Mitchell's single season record!

Seriously though, why is this child whipping, wife "head butter" weirdo still playing for us? :roll: [/i]

[url=] ... s-1.589744[/url]
With the Grey Cup only a few days away, CFL commissioner Tom Wright said the league will bar players suspended from the NFL starting in 2007.

The issue came to the forefront this season when suspended NFL star Ricky Williams was allowed to play with the Toronto Argonauts.

0 catches. What an embarrassment. If this were any other import receiver, he'd have been released weeks ago. I'd rather dress Stafford and bring in some fresh talent at WR than continue to waste time with Johnson.

And the whole waggle thing is not an issue. He doesn't play slot, he plays WR. No waggle so it's essentially a contest to beat your DB one on one. He's doing squat. Not getting open, and from earlier reports, doesn't know the playbook well enough to be effective. Release his overrated a$$ now.